Minutes of January 10, 2005 Meeting

K. Au, S. Bartz (recorder), R. Gardner, K. Hartman, D. Hoover, S. McDonald, L. Mullen, R. Nahory, K. Wenk

1. Webmaster Report (S. McDonald)

The descriptions for the CSA databases that are subfiles of Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Index and Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts have been added to the Indexes and Databases pages.

2. Liaison Reports

IPAC (S. Bartz): iLink implementation is projected to occur in May after the end the spring semester.

ISC (R. Gardner): SearchPath will be announced to RUL for review the week of January 18. It will be made available to RU about a month later.

Systems (D.Hoover): EZProxy will be available for public use for the beginning of the spring semester on January 18.

3. WAC Goals for 2004-05

The draft document distributed prior to the meeting was reviewed and finalized as follows:

  1. continue to review and update Webpages on a regular schedule
  2. develop specifications and procedures for Website content (e.g., database descriptions, Research Guides, Finding Aids)
  3. collaborate and communicate with RUL councils and committees to introduce and maintain Website content (e.g., Alumni Library)
  4. investigate best practices at peer institutions for Website management and Webpage development


  1. assist with the implementation of authenticating remote users by NetID
  2. review the revised Instructional Services pages
  3. complete the Website Usability Study

4. Strategic Plan Report for PSC

There was a general discussion of what should be included in a statement on strategic goals for WAC for the next 5 years. K. Au will draft a statement based on the discussion and distribute it to WAC for review before sending it to J. Boyle. Some of the issues raised were:

5. Other

The rotation of recorders for future meetings as posted in the December meeting minutes will be adjusted due to V. Bowman's spring 2005 leave. The schedule for the remainder of the spring is as follows:

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