Minutes of September 12, 2005 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au(Chair), Vibiana Bowman(videoconference), Rebecca Gardner, Karen Hartman, Theo Haynes(videoconference), Dave Hoover, Sam McDonald, Laura Mullen(recorder), Karen Wenk.
Stephanie Bartz


1) New and Forthcoming Databases (Au)

Discussion about alphabetical list of indexes and databases - is it getting too long and unwieldy? Should it be split into sections by letter or broken up somehow? Sam will mock up an alternative and send it to the group for comments. Others wondered whether subject lists of databases are sufficient and whether those categories need work also.

Problems with new databases: No separate thesaurus for Art Abstracts, need to make Wilson descriptions consistent. Discussion about General Science Index and Social Science Index as we have them listed now. Should local Wilson descriptions be taken down when new ones from OmniFile replace them? Group felt that these could be taken down-Au will get a definitive answer on this.

All new databases acquired through NJKI and other means will be live Sept. 13. The exception is Wiley which will be coming soon. Coming live on the 13th will be: Applied Science and Technology Full Text, Wilson Business Full Text, Art Full Text, Biological and Agricultural Index Plus, Education Index/Abstracts Full Text, General Science Full Text, Humanities Full Text, Readers Guide Full Text, Index to Legal Periodicals Full Text, ASSIA, Sociological Abstracts, and Social Services Abstracts.

2) Indexes and Databases (Haynes)

Discussion about the state of the SciFinder Scholar and Beilstein descriptions. KW agreed to update the information about "scope" and the group felt that the atypical descriptions are appropriate for these particular databases.

Au will update "Inside Information Plus." Reminder to group to finish any outstanding descriptions and to check the descriptions while searching databases, etc.

3) Research Guides (Au)

New Public Administration guide was displayed and consensus was positive.

4) Webmaster Report (McDonald)

There has been a large amount of work on databases lately. IRIS Quick Search is back up. Reserves Quick Search will not return. There is a lot of research guide material coming in.

5) Systems Report (Hoover)

"FDC Reports" isn't working well with the new proxy. Dave is working on this with the vendor's technical support personnel. There have been questions on AAL about remote access to FDC. Sam will add a temporary note to alert users to the problem. "NDA Pipeline" is working - might have to split up FDC Reports and NDA Pipeline. LBM will talk to Pat Piermatti about the problem and ask her to follow through.

The old proxy was taken out of place on August 22 and there have not been many complaints

The "Book Suggestion Form" for the EAL has a few problems but will stay up.

LinkSource - Wilson OmniFile changes need to be looked at by us and by EBSCO. Theo reported problems with TOC links with Ingenta even from on campus. Also, LinkSource still refers to "Academic Universe" and needs to change to "Lexis Nexis Academic."

6) Instruction Report (Haynes)

ISC is working on "brown bag lunches" to help people more effectively use Searchpath. There will be such an event (Searchpath Mythbusters) on Wed. Sept. 21 in the University Librarian's Conference Room from 12:00 to 1:30pm.

7) IPAC Report (Au for Stephanie)

Final revisions to ILink went into the catalog before fall semester started-no feedback has been received. IPAC is now working on new features.

8) Other Announcements (All)

There were no announcements.

Next WAC meeting: 10 October 2005.
Reminder of future meetings on: Nov.14, Dec. 12, Jan. 9.

Respectfully submitted by Laura Bowering Mullen Sept. 13, 2005

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