Minutes of October 10, 2006 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Sam McDonald, Rebecca Gardner, Stephanie Bartz, Dave Hoover, Laura Mullen, Theo Haynes, Karen Hartman, Bob Nahory

1. Planning for RefWorks

RefWorks is up and running, with training for faculty available in NB, maybe at Camden but nothing at Newark. Training sessions for librarians will be held in November by a trainer from RefWorks.


For RefWorks the library needs to be prepared for questions - no training is provided for the public.

Dave reported that RefWorks has a list of "vendors" for which Direct Export is turned on.

A major issue for the libraries: database tutorials are needed. No person or group is defined to take responsibility for this; WAC is not defined to be responsible for such things. As databases change, who should be responsible for noting this and making the necessary changes?


2. Periodic Site Review

Those responsible for units need to update and check their pages as needed.


3. Indexes and Databases (Sam)

Descriptions to be revised:

New databases:

Note: Sam needs to hear in advance which databases are cancelled in order to update web pages.
Note: Stephanie pointed out that a sentence in Cancellation Template about specialized databases needs to be removed. Au sent an email to Natalie about this during the meeting.

4. Web Master Report

5. Final Comments

Rebecca commented on a need to update the Index and Databases description guidelines. Au suggested putting the details for each item in a MS-Word template as page 1, followed by page 2 blank form. Theo and Au will carry out update.
For updates, Sam would like an item with name/date on who did the update and when.
Future WAC discussion is needed about Alerts

Next meeting: Nov. 13, 2006

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