Minutes of June 11, 2007 Meeting

K. Au (chair), S. Bartz, R. Gardner (recorder), T. Haynes, S. McDonald, L. Mullen, A. Ruggiero

1. Au informed the group that Bob Nahory will be retaking some pictures at the Dana Library which may be used for our front page images. He has obtained permission forms from Harry.

2. Database Description Updates:

All databases that were cancelled prior to last semester have been taken down.

United Nations Common Database now has unrestricted access. The description page has been changed to reflect this.

The ARL Directory of Scholarly Electronic Journals and Academic Discussion Lists is not functioning and content has not been updated since 2002. It will be removed from the Indexes and Databases page.

The LSM librarians and Cathy Pecoraro are trying to determine exactly which CSA databases we have access too. Once this is straightened out, description pages will be created and updated as necessary.

Theo is working on updating the suite of Wilson Databases.

Regular updating of database descriptions will be carried out as follows:

3. Webmaster Report:

Sam changed the top of the RUL pages to incorporate the red identity banner provided by University Relations.

The VALE and NJKI logos that appeared in the banner on several database description pages have been moved down below the black navigation bar under the banner.

The new pictures that were approved by WAC at a previous meeting have been added into the front page image rotation.

This summer Sam intends to redo the forms and tables throughout the website. He will also do a global review of all style sheets.

4. ISC Report:

No Report.

5. IPAC Report:

IPAC is working on a new banner for the IRIS pages.

6. Systems Report:

No Report.

7. Goal Setting for 2007-08:

The group completed the RUL Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives Grid. Au will summarize our discussion and send feedback to Jeanne Boyle. The following WAC goals were established for 2007-08 ("SG" indicates which overall RUL Strategic Goal each WAC goal addresses):

  1. Continuously develop the presence of the Rutgers University Libraries on the Web. SG-3
  2. Continue to review and update RUL webpages on a regular schedule. SG-3
  3. Develop specifications and procedures for Website content (e.g. database descriptions, Research Guides, Finding Aids) SG-1
  4. Collaborate and communicate with RUL councils and committees to introduce and maintain Website content. SG-3
  5. Investigate best practices at peer institutions for Website management and Webpage development. SG-3

Next Meeting: July 16

Note: The group decided to move WAC meetings to the third Monday of each month as follows:

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_07_06_11.shtml
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