Minutes of May 18, 2009 Meeting

Au (chair), Bartz, Gardner (recorder), Hartman, Hoover, Izbicki, McDonald, Nahory, Yang.

1) Ethnographic Study

The group discussed progress of the study. We have been informed that weekly meetings have been set up through July 29th. Questions were raised regarding who has access to the data that has been gathered. (WAC? Core Team? Project Team? Other groups or individuals at RUL? SCILS? CTAAR? Other groups or individuals outside of RUL? Just the names that were submitted on IRB forms? ) Sam has created a WAC group (separate from ERP groups) in Sakai where web redesign can be discussed.

2) Instructional videos

There are a growing number of instructional videos linked in various places on the RUL website. There are also several RUL oriented videos on YouTube. The YouTube videos could be embedded in the RUL website. The question arose as to whether they would first need to be vetted by User Services or other such committee. Ryan Womack has created some specific database tutorials. These are short videos that could be linked from the help field in the database descriptions. They are not currently hosted on the library webpages. In addition to being embedded in appropriate places on our webpages, any instructional videos could be added under "Tutorials" in the "Learning Tools" section of the website.

3) Alternate Names for Databases

The official names of some databases are different from how they are commonly referred to or known by our users. For example, the Roper Center's database of public opinion polls is commonly referred to as Roper Polls although the official name of the database is iPoll Databank. Our users may not know to look in the alphabetical list of databases under iPoll, so we may list it under the alternate name of Roper Polls as well. Requests from selectors to list alternate database names can be discussed by WAC via email.

4) Drupal Implementation

The next Drupal release should happen by July 1st. This release will include primary, secondary and tertiary indications in the Indexes and Databases list. The next Drupal release will be able to handle alternate (index/database) titles (currently a few select titles are manually duplicated). Selectors may submit alternate titles requests to WAC. The yellow "Not Logged In" button that appears on the homepage will be changed to say "Log In".

5) Webmaster Report

The Libraries slogan has been added to the homepage.
Sam has been spending time working on the Ethnography Study.
The Wilson databases have a "listen" option. This information could be included on the database description pages in the "User Tools and Features" field. WAC will continue discussing next month.
A few free transportation databases will be added to the Indexes and Databases page.

6) Systems Report

From off-campus, the auto log in that should appear from the "Connect" button on the database description pages is not functioning correctly. The log in prompt is not appearing for some databases. This problem should be solved in the next few weeks.

7) IPAC Report

A NetID/LDAP Working Group has been formed to look into changing the unique identifiers currently used in Unicorn to NetIDs. In conjunction with that change, they are also looking at replacing library barcode and PIN login for the IRIS My Account function with NetID login. These changes should be in place by the fall.

8) Announcements and Updates

Tao reported that the Office of International Programs is changing their website and has asked for guidance in linking to parts of our site. WAC recommends that they link to appropriate library subject research guides when available.

9) Next Meetings

Since regular meetings have been set up for the Ethnography study over the course of the summer, WAC will meet after one or more of the Project team meetings, in lieu of Mondays in June and July.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_09_05_18.shtml
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