Minutes of November 23, 2009 Meeting

K. Au (chair), S. Bartz (recorder), J. Cassel, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, K. Hartman, D. Hoover, T. Izbicki, S. McDonald, G. Springs
R. Nahory, T. Yang

1) Headings for Indexes and Databases

The database headings (i.e., primary, secondary, tertiary) currently in use conflict with information included in RIOT. Core, important, and related, or core, related and other were suggested as alternatives. Discussion will continue via email with the intent of having new terms in place for the next Drupal release.

2) New Subject Categories for Databases

A suggestion was made that new index categories be added to the indexes and databases lists in order to more closely parallel the categories that are used for Research Guides.

3) Placement of "Connection Notes" for Indexes

Special information related to database access (e.g., To start selectů) is currently included in the Help section of the database description pages, but it needs to be made more prominent. A new field labeled "Connection note" will be added after the "Access" field on the description pages. Sam has identified some of the database descriptions that will need to include the new note. Notify Sam of any additional databases that need to include a "Connection note."

4) Role of "User Tools and Features" for Indexes

"User Tools and Features" is one of the fields on the current database description template. How should this information be maintained? The Alert Services page, for instance, hasn't been updated since 2008. Should the information be incorporated into the database description pages so that it's retained, but more easily maintained? How much of that page is still valid? What's new that's missing? Au will contact the owner of the Alert Services page, and "User Tools and Features" will be discussed at a future WAC meeting.

5) Libraries and Centers page

The design and content of the Libraries and Centers page was discussed in the context of the future site redesign. Does the page need to be renamed? Should TSB be included so that the page works with the new Who's Who database which will allow users to click through to maps/locations? Should it be called "Library Facilities" to accommodate the addition of TSB? Should RU-ONLINE then be eliminated since it's not a "facility?"

6) Ethnographic study

Au distributed a copy of WAC's report on "Recommendations for the Libraries Website" which was sent to Jeanne Boyle.

The Core Team is meeting on December 7, so the Project Team needs a new date.

7) Webmaster Report

8) Systems Report

9) IPAC Report

The IRIS Quick Search page has been changed in response to feedback from the ethnography survey.

10) Other Announcements or Updates

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