Minutes of September 29, 2011 Meeting

Open to University. (Video Conference from Newark and Camden campuses).


  1. Introductory words (Purger)
  2. Information Architecture (McDonald, Au)
  3. Tabbed Search Demo (Deodato, Mills)
  4. Libraries Mobile Site Demo (Sterback, Koruth)

The minutes of past meeting #11 are accepted, and are available on the Sakai site.

1. Introduction

Library site will be using Drupal as CMS. Visual design of the website is still being determined and discussion of aesthetics etc. is not in the scope of this demo.

2. Information Architecture

The following content was made available to demonstrate the information architecture for the new site.

  1. Wireframe with simple demo mega-menus and quicklinks (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/demo/2011_design_01/infoArch_homepage.pdf)
  2. Categories/links for each mega-menu
  3. Rationale for Information Architecture: A short navigation bar with five elements was created, from which the entire site's contents can be navigated to. In order to provide secondary navigation that does not appear in the form of lists that overwhelm the eye, each of the main navigational items drops down into a mega menu. The top banner is persistent throughout the site. The quick links is a clickable drop down block that contains several important links. Redundancy is emphasized in the design of the navigation.

The following issues/questions were raised by members of the audience:

  1. In video tutorials, accessibility issues need to be resolved, especially with regard for the visually impaired. One possible solution is obtaining scripts for these tutorials. The web board could liaison with the school of education and possibly, journalism, to create more scripts.
  2. Customization of the My Libraries portal was ruled out as not possible at this time
  3. Translation of site into other languages: Automated tools for translation could result in errors. However, the content management system (Drupal) will permit users to translate content that is administered by them.
  4. Explanation for existence of a 'Tools' menu item as distinct from a 'Services' item : Tools such as Zotero etc are better defined as such, than as a 'service'. It was also necessary to not make a menu item too heavy, especially if contents could be uniquely categorized.

1. Search Tabs

  1. The following design for the search tabs was demonstrated: http://www4.libraries.rutgers.edu/redesign/deliverable-1-tabbed-search-box-design-consultants
  2. Search Tabs have been designed as an intermediate solution that lies between the discovery layer and what the libraries currently have, to take users to different resources.
  3. The design and labels are task oriented, not system oriented. The effort has been to move away from library jargon and use terms that patrons are likely to be more familiar with.
  4. Usability testing for the search tabs will follow soon.

The following recommendations/questions were raised by members of the audience:

  1. Coming of Solar Lucene should be taken into account for the design of the search box.
  2. Provide a pathfinder button that allows users to go to a broad database list and select what they want
  3. The search tool must be accessible to non English speaking users and disabled users.
  4. Concern that the search tool is more inclined towards undergraduates and novices and less so towards faculty and graduates: This can be addressed by leaving ways of entry to advanced search mechanisms via the audience segmentation block provided in the body of the homepage.
  5. Can Pathway tools be explored that take users to specialized tools/databases and advanced searching capability: The 'advanced search' link is available on all tabs in the search tool.
  6. Can the 'Advanced Search' link have a rollover that explains it?
  7. Need to evaluate usage of databases from before these search tabs were adapted for the new site, and compare with after
  8. Need to provide information about what the search tabs do not include

2. Mobile Site Demo

  1. Background of site development was discussed. T he mobile site for the libraries, located currently at m.libraries.rutgers.edu/demo/ is scheduled to go live when the Rutgers University app is released (Date TBD). The colors and visual look and feel is compatible with prototypes created by Creative Services for the Rutgers University mobile website (yet to be developed). For this release, essential Library functionalities have been provided: Search Library Catalog, Hours and Directions and Ask a Librarian.

The following recommendations/questions were raised by members of the audience:

  1. Incorporate ability to 'text' a call number after conducting search.
  2. Incorporate ability to create a pick list of items, and store it such that it can be called up later
  3. Ask a Librarian should use a central phone number for New Brunswick campus, not Alexander Library's number.
  4. QR codes to be used such that users can scan them to see tutorial videos, and to bring up Ask a Librarian.
  5. Promotion/PR for library mobile site to be discussed.

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