Minutes of December 16, 2014 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (remote), Janet Brennan Croft, Joseph Deodato (Co-Chair), Bonnie Fong (remote), Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Just, Mary Ann Koruth, Yuhwei Ling, Sam McDonald, Chad Mills, Laura Mullen, Tibor Purger (Co-Chair), Yingting Zhang
Katherine Anderson, Megan Lotts, Chris Sterback

1. Membership changes

The Web Board welcomed two new members: Bonnie Fong who will be replacing Au as the Dana representative and Janet Brennan Croft, who will be representing Access Services.

2. Calendar year overview

a. Web Team (McDonald)

b. Mobile enhancements and faculty visibility pages (Ling)

c. Design projects (Koruth)

Mary Ann demonstrated the interfaces and design for:

d. LibGuides migration (Deodato)

The LibGuides upgrade (to the new Libguides 2.0 platform) has been deferred to summer (for fall) due to competing demands such as VuFind etc.

3. Six - month plan for 2015 (Purger at al.)

a. Events calendar and digital signage

Looking to develop a way to show an events calendar (not BookRoom, more like news) easily updatable by librarians and staff. May set up a way to display on screens, if available, like the SCC displays by the IHLs.

b. Library services database

A display that shows for each library/building the services such as printing, wireless, etc. in a pleasing icon layout.


Support a redesign and migration of the New Jersey Digital Highway site into Drupal.

d. IJS migration

Support a redesign and migration of the Jazz website site into Drupal.

e. Special collections migration

Support a redesign and migration of the SCUA website site into Drupal.

f. Intranet

Support a redesign and migration of the staff pages website site into Drupal. This would add a lot of functionality and allow unmediated editing/posting of minutes, reports, etc.

g. RUcore interface redesign

Support a makeover of the banners, design, etc. to align with other library sites.

4. New search interface and underlying changes (Deodato)

VuFind test is setup with 200,000+ sample records. The VuFind test is currently working with the My Account functionality from SIRSI. Next steps include getting request functionality and course reserves working followed by theming. LCC will be providing suggestions regarding functionality, labels, etc. An initial rollout of catalog services is intended for summer 2015 with complete EDS services in 2016.

5. Assigning content responsibilities (Draft charge/Deodato)

At the previous meeting, M. Just, J. Deodato, & L. Mullen were charged with suggesting a means for a subgroup to be responsible for reviewing content and working through how new types of content might be added to the website. A proposal was reviewed and accepted (with some small changes to be made). M. Just will invite team members and call a meeting in mid-January.

6. Miscellaneous

The Committee on Scholarly Communications had submitted some changes regarding the labeling and navigation to the "Information for Researchers" page. The web team felt that the changes merited some discussion by Web Board (not just the developers). In the future the content team will advise on these things. After discussion, the Web Board agrees that the “Information for Researchers” page will be renamed “Scholarly communication.” An additional link for scholarly communication will be added to the services column on the “Services & Tools” menu and page. L. Mullen will provide additional text. Although the page will be called Scholarly Communication we are leaving the links as (Information for) Researchers.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_board/minutes/web_board_14_12_16.shtml
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