Minutes for November 24, 2008 Meeting

Jantz, Hartstein, Hoover, Liew, McDonald, Mills, Nakagama, Sun
Ellis, Triggs


  1. Status Report: Boost module and Drupal
  2. Status Report: Drupal test server move
  3. Announcement: Change in OJS responsibilities
  4. Discussion: Upcoming server meeting
  5. Discussion: Drupal timeline
  6. Update: Library Who's Who Sub-committee (Choong)
  7. Status Report: Harvest > Reaper64
  8. Demonstration: Project Management Site (Chad)
  9. Demonstration: NJ Historical Maps Portal (Sam)

1) Status Report: Boost module and Drupal (Choong)

Choong shared some numbers of the improvement with Boost (in a test environment).
Apache and URL-rewriting is more process intensive using Boost. Some URL rewrites should be moved to httpdconf which should help save some disk access. The Drupal-Boost will be put onto Elrond. Then we can review the numbers.

We decided to start with a 6 hour minimum cache and look to do a cron job to purge and crawl the necessary pages nightly (4:30ish?) to refresh.
After the 'unpublished' entries are fixed, Choong will send a tar to Dave.
((PHP 5.*, MySQL 5, Drupal 5.12.)

2) Status Report: Drupal test server move (Sho)

Sho's working on it. ETA: later this week.
He will move to Drupal 6 in the new DrupalDev test server.
The new environment will match Galadriel's environment.
Elrond is probably too slow for Drupal 6.

Before a new tar file is delivered to Dave, Sho will move some rewrites from htaccess to httpd.conf and make optimizations.

3) Announcement: Change in OJS responsibilities (Ron)

Primary maintenance will move from Shaun to Choong.
We are looking to upgrade to the latest stable release.
A New Jersey History Journal will be coming to OJS.
Architecturally, the handle server methods will need to be reviewed.

4) Discussion: Upcoming server meeting (all)

From this group Dave, Sam, Sho, and Isaiah will attend.
We concluded that we will probably be ok (server-wise) for release 1 (w/Boost) but that for moving Drupal 6 we will need a more powerful server. We also noted that since Drupal upgrades and consistently uses more current environments (than some of our legacy projects) that it should have its own environment.

5) Discussion: Drupal timeline

Release 1:
- Sho to optimize MySql and htaccess/httpd.conf
- Choong to finish 'isPublished'
- Choong make tar and send to Dave afternoon Nov 26.
- Dave will install and see that it works (by Dec 4).
Goal is to have enough info to make a decision on Dec 15.

6) Update: Library Who's Who Sub-committee (Choong)

Choong reported that the committee met twice and has been defining fields and have been looking at examples on the web.
Mockups are being made for discussion and refinement.

7) Status Report: Harvest > Reaper64

Shaun may have some paths to fix in ETD before it moves.

8) Demonstration: Project Management Site (Chad)

Chad demonstrated the different categories and features of the project.

The url will be changed to:

9) Demonstration: NJ Historical Maps Portal (Sam)

Demonstration and discussion of the portal. "Looks good."
Sam will add county pull-down.
Sam will speak with Kuzma about adding some text and adding to the New Jersey Research Guide.

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