Minutes for May 11, 2009 Meeting

Ellis, Hoover, Jantz, McDonald, Mills
Hartstein, Liew
Nakagama, Triggs


  1. Expanding Web Services - Ron
  2. RULETD - Shaun
  3. Drupal Update - Sam
  4. Ask a Librarian Data Retention Policy - Sam
  5. Project Processes - Ron, Sam, Chad
  6. Google Analytics: Introduction to Capabilities - Chad

Expanding Web Services


We discussed that with the expansion of Web Services, the membership will need to expand.
We will have a core set of members and then expand to have extended members that will be invited to participate on relevant topics.


Web services will be the "focal point" for all "external applications."
"External applications" are those are largely decoupled from RUCore/Fedora releases.


Where should RUETD issues be taken up?
E.g. How long should it take for a submission to get online? Create a policy?
This policy decision will be referred to CISC.
Generally RUETD issues will be discussed by Web Services and referenced, if necessary, to Software Architecture or CISC.

OpenETD issues will be handled by the Open Source group (who may refer issues back to us, Software Arch, or CISC).
The codebases for both will be handled by the developer.
An OpenETD release will probably happen in Summer 2009.
RUETD will need some patches releases after OpenETD. (Earlier RULETD release was only partial and lacked admin interfaces that are only used by Shaun).

RUETD will have to synch with RUCore release 5.0 or 5.1.
There should be no problems interfacing RUETD to the WMS.
(Does WMS accept PDF from ETD to test the OCR?)
Release 5.1 will have to sync with RUETD with a new object model that can handle multiple supplementary files.
Embargo functionality needs to be synced with R5.1.

When the developer has questions..where should they be taken?
ETD policies need to be formalized. Existing policies are vague.
Graduate schools deadlines not well communicated to the developer. Dates sometimes seem variable and flexible.
Some discussion of schools that be participating soon (GSE etc.).
What issues need to be solved? e.g. presentation files for Mason Gross.
Ron will speak to Rhonda about policies, outreach, and other issues.

Drupal Update

Sam shared the timeline and the descriptions of the features and bugs in this release. We discussed what we might have to do if the launch date slips a week. There is a May 28 meeting (formerly June 1) that will take this up.

Ask a Librarian Data Retention Policy

Sam shared that the procedure for removing past questions is:
As of Jan 1, delete questions older than six months.
January 1, 2009: Delete questions prior to July 1, 2008
January 1, 2010: Delete questions prior to July 1, 2009
January 1, 2011: Delete questions prior to July 1, 2010

The policy and procedure is from Jeanne Boyle. A committee to review data retention is being formed to track this and other data files around RUL.

Sam will put this as a task in the Software Project Management System and Shaun will clear it when he can get to it.

Project Processes

The Software Project Management System is to be used to track projects and tasks. Other documents that need to be written, and can be put into the Software Project Management System are a Release Outline and a Release Timeline.

Sam will enhance his Drupal Release outline and timelines. These documents and processes will be tried with a software architecture feature request. We will try to work towards a standard template.

Google Analytics - Chad

Chad went to a presentation sponsored by ARL on how to use Google Analytics in Washington D.C. He has PowerPoint slides that he can share.
He explained that is very powerful and complete in the numbers it can capture, except that this degree of detail and complexity makes it hard to exploit the data well as it would take a lot of experience and time to examine the data.
There are "gotchas." One being how one configures and analyzes for "bounces" (a bounce is when a user uses a page for a fraction of a second...e.g. a Library PC that has the home pages set to the Libraries' home page.)
To start collecting statistics a Google Analytics account is required. Then a JavaScript needs to be placed in the footer of a page. Event triggers can be attached to outgoing links so that those could be tracked as well.
Within Google Analytics there is away to set "goals" to see how people are using the site to get to goals.

Next meetings

Monday, June 1 1:30pm TSB (changed! May 28, 9:30 TSB)

Release 1.1 Timeline

May 11-15   
                 11	Web Services Meeting 
                 12 	Sam develops testing plan
                 13 	Dave shares R1.1 URL with Sam for review and testing
                 14-15	Testing

May 18-22
                18 	TAS picnic    (Web Services cancelled)
                19-22 	Tasks into SoftDev

May 25-29
                25      Memorial Day
                26-29 	Choong makes fixes, completes any remaining tasks
                26-29 	Sam does data entry (primary, secondary, tertiary), new databases (if necessary)
                              Make sure that the logos for funders are set up properly.
                29    	Choong delivers release to Dave

June 1-5
                 1 	Web Services Meeting 
                 2 	Dave has release in test space
                 2-3 	"Sanity" Testing   (1 last release cycle?) 
                 4 	Announcement

June 8-12
                9 	Launch.  Dave backs up current production and puts in new release.

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