Performance Appraisal Overview and Form

FY 2015-2016 Pay-for-Performance Program and Staff Compensation Program

The FY 2015-2016 Pay-for-Performance Program (P4P) for Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, and Confidential (MPSC) non-aligned staff employees has been announced. P4P information and guidelines for deans, managers, and department heads is now available on the UHR website. Click here to access resources for staff employees eligible for P4P.

Employees represented by URA-AFT are eligible for the Staff Compensation Program (SCP). Information for deans, managers, and department heads is accessible via the UHR website. Click here for general SCP information for eligible staff employees. Additional information about the Staff Compensation Program is located under Article 38 of the URA-AFT agreement.

The P4P and SCP compensation programs will run concurrently this spring.

Last updated March 30, 2015; March 31, 2015
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