Officers, Representatives, and Chairs - Academic Year 2015-2016

Elected and Appointed Officers
Faculty Coordinator
Thomas Glynn
Elected 2015/16
Deputy Faculty Coordinator/Faculty Coordinator Elect
Natalie Borisovets
Elected 2015/16 - 2016/17
Faculty Secretary
Leslin Charles
Elected 2015/17
Natalie Borisovets
University Senate
Natalie Borisovets
Jane Otto
Elected 2014/17
Newark Faculty Advisory Council
Minglu Wang
Elected 2015/16
New Brunswick Faculty Council
Li Sun
Elected 2013/16
Melissa Gasparotto
Committee and Council Chairs

Advisory Committee on Appointments and Promotions
Ka-Neng Au

Committee of Review
Connie Wu

Committee on Scholarly Communication
Laura Mullen, Chair

Library Resources Council
Ann Watkins, Co-Chair
Julie Still, Co-Chair

Personnel Policy & Affirmative Action Committee
Melissa De Fino

Planning and Coordinating Committee
Thomas Glynn

Research Leave Review Committee
Karen Hartman

Rules of Procedure
Stephanie Bartz, Co-Chair
Katherine Anderson, Co-Chair

Scholarly & Professional Activity Committee
Leslin Charles

User Services Council
Yu-Hung Lin, Co-Chair
Roberta Tipton, Co-Chair

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