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In the spring 2007 semester, Rutgers University rolled out a new visual identity system that is intended to supersede all preexisting logos and other visual brands at the university. The university issued a visual identity system manual to offer guidance to units and divisions throughout Rutgers on the parameters of the new visual identity and how to apply this new system in individual areas. (see the manual here:

The Libraries have enthusiastically embraced this new visual identity system and secured a new logotype signature, unique to the Libraries, that adheres to this system. This webpage is intended to guide Libraries faculty and staff members in using the Libraries logotype signature in publications of a variety of forms.

The Libraries webmaster will administer the use of the web banner with the new logotype signature. He can be reached at

Personnel from other areas of Rutgers, or the general public, who seek to use the Libraries logotype signature for any purpose are advised to contact the libraries Communications Director, Harry Glazer, at or 732-932-7505.

General Guidelines for use of the Libraries Logotype Signature, in Print

The Rutgers Visual Identity Manual states explicitly the following parameters for use of the new logotype and its various incarnations:

  1. For printed materials, the Rutgers logotype must never be smaller than one inch wide (p. 2.10)
  2. Nothing should be printed touching or immediately adjacent, above, or below the logotype signature. The guidelines provide more detail on 'Surrounding Space Restrictions' - please see p. 2.11.
  3. The logotype signature should not be printed in a distorted form, on a tilt, with a portion cropped out, with altered typeface, or with drop shadow added (p. 2.13)
  4. The logotype signature should not be printed with a Libraries division's name directly underneath (p. 2.14)
  5. The preferred color for the logotype ('Rutgers') is always Pantone 186; The preferred color for the signature is always Pantone Cool Grey 9.
    Supplementary colors are black for the logotype and Pantone 8403 (Metallic) for the signature.
    The guidelines also provide recommendations on color palates that complement the logotype signature - please see p. 3.2
  6. When only one color is available for printing, the logotype and signature may only reproduced in red, black, or white (p. 3.6)
  7. The preferred placement of the logotype signature on publication front covers is in the upper left corner (p. 7.1)
  8. The preferred placement of the logotype signature on publication back covers is in the lower third of the page (p. 7.2)
  9. The Rutgers spirit mark (aka - the Rutgers Athletics' 'R') may not be used in conjunction with or in place of the Rutgers logotype.
  10. The logotype may not be combined with the official university seal (p. 2.6)
  11. The informal university seal should not be used with unit signatures (p. 2.8)

The visual identity manual also specifies preferred typefaces for use in all Rutgers publications.

To have these fonts installed on your PC, please contact Libraries Communication Assistant Ken Kuehl at or 732/932.7505

For information about the use of the Libraries logotype signature in letterhead and envelopes, see this RUL_Everyone message.

The Rutgers University Libraries logotype signature

   Image for downloadable use - for print materials

Libraries letterhead

Below are letterhead for six major Libraries units or divisions, approved by the university librarian. These downloadable files are all MicroSoft Word documents with the masthead for each unit/division embedded in the document. Users may simply download the letterhead they need and begin typing a letter.

Users are strongly encouraged to print letters and documents created with this letterhead on color printers, whenever possible, to preserve the intended visual identity presentation developed by the university.

These letterhead files are intended for use only by personnel employed by the Rutgers University Libraries.

In order to print each letterhead in the desired format, users must download the official Rutgers University fonts located on T:\COMMON\RUL Logos + Fonts (New). If you need assistance in downloading these fonts, please consult your area's PC coordinator.

For assistance in using these letterhead files, please contact Libraries communications director Harry Glazer at 732-932-7505 or

Library Address Usage

All library addresses listed in publications and official documents produced within the Rutgers University Libraries should conform to the following format:

Office or Department (if distinct)
Library or Other Building
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Street Address
City, New Jersey zip + four

Please see the following webpage for specific examples of appropriate library addresses in New Brunswick/Piscataway: New Brunswick Libraries - US Mail Address.

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