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For information about the use of the Libraries logotype signature in letterhead and envelopes, see this RUL_Everyone message:

Dear colleagues,

I'm writing to share an update on the Libraries integration of the new Rutgers University logotype.

Having received the unique adaptation of the logotype for the Rutgers University Libraries, the Libraries Administration office has been busy adding this graphic (actually called a 'logotype signature') to all our new publications. Ken Kuehl is the point person on the placement, sizing, and use of this graphic in all Libraries publication. Any Libraries worker who seeks to use this graphic in a new publication is encouraged to contact Ken for guidance.

We are currently focusing on creating new stationery for all major Libraries division, using the new graphic. We hope to have the new stationery printed by the end of June. The divisions to receive new stationery in this cycle will be:

  • Archibald S. Alexander Library
  • Institute of Jazz Studies
  • Interlibrary Loan
  • John Cotton Dana Library
  • Paul Robeson Library
  • Special Collections and University Archives
  • Technical & Automated Services
  • University Libraries Administration

Our plans are to provide one ream of new letterhead, and one box of envelopes, to each division courtesy of Libraries Administration. Reprints would become the responsibility of each division; Libraries Administration will provide design templates to each division director with the initial delivery.

We plan to create letterhead and envelopes for other Libraries divisions, buildings, units, and centers in the later part of the summer.

I understand that, outside of these over-arching divisions, there are a number of 'special cases' where individualized letterhead may be necessary. Ken and I are happy to address unique requests as they arise, time and workload permitting. Please be advised that, in addressing unique requests, we will adhere to the following guidelines which reflect both university policy and the recommendations of the Libraries' communications team (composed of the university librarian, the director of development and communications, and the communications director):

All letterhead and envelopes will include the Libraries new logotype-signature (see below for sample) _only_ and no other variation of the University's new logotype.

A return address included in letterhead and envelopes is limited to five (5) lines. In most cases, these lines should be allocated as follows:

Libraries division name
Building name
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Only division, unit, or center heads or directors should use specially-created letterhead that lists their titles in one of the five lines in the return address. For those who have two (or more) professional titles, only one title should be listed in the return address. No individual's name should ever be included in a return address - only titles.

Libraries new letterhead will also include a field that lists a website, phone number, and fax number. The first URL should always be the Libraries website -

Divisions, units and centers may add a second URL, under the first, listing their own website. Occasionally, these URLs will run onto a second line and that is acceptable.

Space permitting, a division, unit, or center can add the email address of their head or director to this field- so long as the total field does not exceed five (5) lines.

If the division, unit, or center's URL runs into two lines, the email address should be included in the body of the letter.

I ask for your cooperation and support, as we seek to create a unified presentation of the Libraries new visual identity. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments about these guidelines.

Thank you.

Harry Glazer

Last updated: June 12, 2007
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