Subject:  Minutes of NBCG Meeting
 Date:  October 9, 1998
 (Reminder: next NBCG meeting Nov. 13)

Attendees: Ilona Caparros, Nelson Chou, Howard Dess, Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Ellen Gilbert, Helen Hoffman, Lil Maman, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Ferris Olin, Pat Piermatti,
Halina Rusak, Jane Sloan, Addie Tallau, Farida Tehrani, Irwin Weintraub, Penny Weniger
Secretaries du jour: Irwin Weintraub and Ellen Gilbert
1. Agenda - Agenda was approved.
2. Minutes of last meeting (Sept. 11) - Not yet ready. Will be distributed soon.
 3.  A draft proposal covering procedures for handling missing books in the New
Brunswick Libraries was submitted for review and discussion.  This procedure was
developed by the Collection Management Working Group in Access Services, with
membership as follows: Jackie Mardikian, Farideh Tehrani, Bob Terrio, and Penny

Questions were raised about several aspects of the new procedure, and alternate
language proposed.  The Committee will revise accordingly and reissue (in fact
the revised document was reissued in draft form, via e-mail, on Oct. 14).

4. Overview and summary of collection budget cuts.

Howard Dess distributed the list of journal titles that would be cancelled
a result of the 1999 budget shortfall incurred because inflationary increases by publishers will not be covered by our current budget allocation.  The cancellation strategy developed by SACCDM to cope with this shortfall was then summarized.  Attendees expressed dismay that these cuts have become an annual event, with no relief in sight.  Exacerbating matters is the fact that the funding shortfall also precludes the possibility of obtaining electronic access to many of the titles most in demand by our academic community.  If incremental funds are not forthcoming soon, it will be necessary to begin planning for yet another round of cuts, possibly as soon as year end.  During this discussion it was noted that the $500,000 funds transfer to RULS announced earlier by Pres. Lawrence represented reinstatement of the Reinvest in Rutgers funds granted last year.  However, even with this transfer, we still face a $500,000 budget shortfall this year, as a result of publishers latest price increases.   There was general agreement that RULS needs to develop new ways of dealing with these ongoing budget problems, especially in light of new demands and burdens placed on the library system by developments such as VALE, and the recent linkage with Camden County Community College, etc.

There was strong concensus that all of these questions relating to our current budget problems and development of future budget strategies need to be the subject of a full faculty discussion at the earliest opportunity.  (Next faculty meeting scheduled for Nov. 13).

 4.  Proquest
All selectors are asked to review and evaluate the Proquest titles in their respective subject areas
with regard to the following questions: 1) How many titles are truly full-text? 2) How many include images, diagrams, pictorial content, etc.? 3) What problems are encountered in printing?
4) How many of these titles do we now receive in print, that would be considered candidates for future cancellation?

Addie promised to provide information about accessing the RULS list of print Proquest titles, stored in the LSM T-common drive.

5.  Miscellaneous

* Ferris Olin reminded the meeting of a previously tabled agenda item: optimal matching of  librarian subject expertise with selection responsibilities.  It was suggested that this might be an opportunity to work collaboratively and to mentor Librarian Vís.

* Mary Fetzer expressed concern about the apparent erosion of selector input into decision making about materials received.

It was agreed that both of these topics should be further discussed at a future NBCG meeting.