DATE: May 12, 2000

Present: H. Dess (Chair), B. Hancock, K. Mulcahy, M. Fetzer (recorder), L. Vazquez, J. Sloan, R. Womack, I. Caparros, J. Cassel, P. Piermatti, B. Beede,A. Tallau, M. Wilson

Minutes of the preceding meeting were approved as distributed via email.
Chair added two items to today's agenda: selection for Douglass; NB fund codes.

Updates from the Chair:

× Budget: Not much new to report; Budget Allocation Committee has been
meeting to develop a more rational budget preparation procedure for next
year and is making good progress. Howard has presented H. Hemmasi our
question regarding disposition of unfilled orders since selectors want a more
pro-active role. TAS makes two attempts to get requested items but lacks the
time to follow up; problem is making it a priority. Harriette will look at our

× Foreign Language Orders: H. Hemmasi will also look into our
recommendation on selector needs relating to order processing of forgeign
language titles.

× Recall Data: H. Dess talked to Ann Montanaro re our question about
obtaining recall data from SIRSI. She said system only records first recall and
indicated that full recall data cannot be compiled. Chair will investigate further.
K. Mulcahy suggested that in interviews for AUL candidates we should raise the
question on how they would make the system more responsive to our/user needs.
Data which supports assessments of user demand is especially important for
collection development purposes.

SIRSI conducts an annual review of enhancements and votes are taken; input
tends to focus heavily on technical matters, but selector input should be considered
also. Selectors are involved via PAC, but again, PAC meetings are very technical.
We need to be able to demonstrate problems, e.g. the confusion created by numbers
that appear following hits obtained in an IRIS search, or the cluttered appearance
of so many periodical holdings screens that make them so difficult to read, etc.
PAC too often gets a response that "it can't be done" when recommendations are
made. A new charge is being written for the next PAC.
× Journal Request Data from Ask-A-Librarian records: Chair discussed our request
with N. Borisovets and she will look into feasibility of creating an archive of
journal requests originating from the Ask-A-Librarian program. Should be publicly
accessible via the T Drive.

Subgroup Reports:

Humanities: K. Mulcahy reported on the Blackwell approval plan (covering
period July 1 - April 30) as follows:
- Books sent us 10,234
- Discount price of all books sent $426,719
- Books we returned 856
- Return rate 8.36%
- Total books accepted 9,748
- Discount price of books accepted $393,299
- Savings (list price minus discount price for all books accepted) $73,207
Concluded that we do save a lot of money by using the approval plan.
Selectors can check their return rates via the plus codes. Feels that
increasingly most monographs will be bought via the approval plan, given
continuing budget reductions. A. Tallau checked and only about $10-20,000
remain unspent in GEAB.

Social Sciences: Subgroup met May 8 and discussed a number of things:

- Request for training on Collection Manager; M. Fetzer will arrange
training with J. Sloan for late June

- Building-specific fund codes: suggested that we consider doing away with
them for New Brunswick; no longer relevant in most cases. Temporary solution
should be to note library location in "Cat to" line on order form and to
note appropriateness to Acquisitions staff. H. Dess will send memo to J.
Howard reaffirming discretion of N.B. selectors to assign locations despite
original building-specific codes. Will also make this an agenda item at
subsequent NBCG meeting

- Subgroup is supporting submission of networked request for Westlaw.
Recommendation will take into consideration outcomes of trials being
studied by UConn as well as ability of Westlaw to become IP accessible, but
we would like to get in on ground floor of any NERL offer. Between Dow
Jones and Westlaw we hope to have product similar in content to Lexis-Nexis
and with greater ease of use. M. Fetzer will generate request.

Sciences and Reference Subgroups - no reports.

New Brunswick Journal Project: Extensive discussion followed on Ben's New
Brunswick Periodicals Project: Report #1, with compliments to him for having
undertaken this work. In recognition of the growing importance of JSTOR as
a national archive for older journal literature, a primary objective of this study is to
rationalize the NB periodicals collections into a coherent whole via elimination
of duplication and fragmentary overlapping backruns to the maximum extent
possible. Current focus is on NB, but ultimately we hope to work cooperatively
with Dana and Robeson in a system-wide effort.

In discussing the role of JSTOR and its influence on local archiving strategies,
it was noted that faculty utilization seems to vary across a broad spectrum:
at one extreme, computer savvy faculty question why libraries are storing paper
copies of journals that are now available online, while others continue to prefer
access in print mode for a variety of reasons. This situation was recognized as an
opportunity for greater outreach by selectors to inform faculty about the benefits
of using JSTOR as an alternative to continuing exclusive reliance on paper back
runs of journals stored at Alex or in the Annex.

Broader benefits to all users from this rationalization process will include easier-
to-read IRIS records. As noted earlier, IRIS journal records are often very confusing
for our users.

Ben will need help to carry out continuation of this project. Suggested that PROP
proposal circulated by J. Boyle might be relevant. Several recommendations related to continuation:
- Maintain principle of retaining one print copy of all JSTOR titles in RULS.
- Decisions regarding which duplicate titles in New Brunswick to dispose of should be
made by primary selectors, in consultation with others. The intellectual planning for
this process can begin any time now.
- We need resources to do the project; otherwise it will die.
- Need a clearinghouse, via list on T Drive, regarding who will be
responsible for which titles; can be decided by subgroup leaders
- Chair needs to discuss project with R. Toyama to generate support
- Project will be limited to New Brunswick
- Selectors can later work with Newark/Camden; some journals may be offered
to these other locations and if no one wants, we should consider appropriate
disposition, i.e. T. Tate's project or vendor that Tech Services works with.
- Implementation depends on availability of public printing in all affected
libraries; supposedly more libraries will have public printing by end of summer.
- B. Beede will be project director.
It was generally agreed that we are in the formative stages of this project;
may take another couple NBCG meetings to build on. JSTOR is expanding, so
this may be an ongoing project.

Technology Team - no report.


Chair reported on discussion with J. Sloan re Douglass collection responsibilities.
NB selectors should feel free to select for womens studies and performing arts for
Douglass from Douglass endowmed funds, under oversight of the subgroup chairs.
Some confusion was expressed about what aspects of women's studies are
collected at Douglass, i.e. women's activism, feminist theory. Recommendation
to look at collection development policy.

A. Tallau wanted attendees to be aware of confusion over Child Abuse and
Neglect title. There is a journal by this title (held by Alex), but also a
CD-ROM held by both LSM and Alex. Be sure which item person is requesting
before sending person to LSM.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Secretary du jour,
Mary Fetzer