DATE: April 12, 2001

Minutes of the NBCG meeting on April 12, 2001

Recorder: Jackie Mardikian

Attendees: Howard Dess (Chair), Helen Hoffman, Kevin Mulcahy, Addie
Tallau, Ryan Womack, Connie Wu, Rebecca Gardner, Kayo Denda, Brian
Hancock, Sara Harrington, Mary Fetzer, Gracemary Smulewitz, Tom Glynn,
Myoung Wilson, Jackie Mardikian (recorder)

The committee welcomed Sara Harrington as a new member.

The agenda was approved.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Budget Update:

Howard gave us an estimate of where we currently stand. We have
approximately $77,301 free balance available in state funds, and
$447,152 in non-state funds. In referring to a memo from Mary Page,
Howard reminded us that state fund spending is not as tightly shut as he
originally reported. We can continue placing orders on state fund
accounts, but there is no guarantee they will be charged on this year's

Ryoko has asked Howard to take responsibility for transferring funds
from underspent state fund accounts to those that are overspent. This
balancing action is necessary to permit invoices to be paid. Of course,
further spending on such overspent accounts is then blocked. Howard
is working with Gracemary on this project. In making these fund transfers,
Howard is using the following guidelines:

· Maintain the budget balance between science and non-science funds as
originally established at the start of the fiscal year by Bob Sewell (ie, by
using funds from science accounts to pay for science overexpenditures,
and likewise for the non-science subject areas).

· Use unexpended money from the more generic accounts first, to balance
the overexpenditures (e.g., replacement funds were the first to be used in
this manner) and tap into individual selector accounts only as a last resort.

Every effort will be made to adhere to these principles, but as the fiscal year
draws to a close, our choices will become increasingly constrained, and some
bending of these self-imposed limitations may become necessary. A
recommendation was made that accounts that were overspent this year
should be adjusted downward by a comparable amount in the next fiscal

Gracemary is also investigating the make-up of encumbrances in various
accounts and to adjust them, as required. This research has already
uncovered a number of cases where encumbrances could be reduced
because commitments (orders) placed against a particular fund code could
not be validated or were found to be erroneous.

There was discussion on the fact that standing orders are a problem area
for us. Monographic series, by their nature cause a difficulty in accurately
predicting prices and numbers of future publications. We also identified that
we need reports for unfilled orders. Mary Page will work with us in this

Reports from Sub-Group Chairs:

Mary Fetzer reported and distributed notes about the meeting of the sub-group
chairs with Mary Page on March 21.

Jackie Mardikian reported that Life Sciences librarians and Acquisitions
met with Rittenhouse to discuss their services. We now have established
approval plans with Rittenhouse. NB Collection Services will soon move
all standing orders from Login to Rittenhouse. This change occurred
because Login Brothers went out of business.

Kevin Mulcahy is sending reports to selectors in his area.

Budget Management Proposal from R.G. Sewell:

Howard distributed this proposal and reminded us that the "Proposal for
a New Allocation Procedure for the Collections Budget in 2001/2002" to
streamline and shorten the process is a system-wide proposal. What this
will mean for NB is that we will have the opportunity to make
allocations earlier in the year, and then re-adjust the allocations
after we have a chance to see the final approved budget. We can also
anticipate canceling journals earlier in the year. Howard will take
some of our questions to Bob about phonothon allocations coming in later
in the year, and report back to us. We also need a better process for
checking the status of outstanding orders and especially for electronic
resources. Gracemary reminded us that all orders for print or electronic
new subscriptions should go to her. She now has a new employee named
Julie Kaufman who will be working with her on new orders. There was a
recommendation that monograph purchases be restricted to non-state fund
accounts for the initial period of the new fiscal year until state allocations
are entered in SIRSI. Adoption of this procedure would prevent spending
out of state fund accounts (with the possibility of uncontrolled overexpenditures)
until such time as the allocations for the new fiscal year were entered into

Collection responsibility for anthropology:

Helen Hoffman discussed the problematic area of collecting in this
important area. She and Lourdes Vazquez suggested we establish a new
fund code for physical anthropology managed by her, and keeping the
cultural anthropology fund code managed by Lourdes Vazquez . Helen
and Lourdes will meet with the anthropology department to discuss the
location of Physical Anthropology materials at LSM and Chang.

Fund code streamlining:

We discussed a proposal from Bob Sewell about eliminating the library
location identifiers from SIRSI fund codes (the last digit) and replacing them
with a "B" for NB libraries. This change would provide selectors with greater
flexibility about placement of monographs and serials, and also substantially
simplify the current lengthy list of state fund code accounts. However, it would
also result in the loss of valuable site placement information. After some discussion, the
it was agreed that the Budget Allocation Committee should examine this proposal
more closely and come up with a recommendation before our next meeting.

Miscellaneous Reports:

Addie reported that she had already consolidated 39 titles and more are
in progress. Gifts are being offered to developing counties in Africa,
an outreach program with Thelma Tate.

Myoung discussed the work of the Scholarly Communications Steering
Committee in their customizing SPARC efforts at RUL, and asked Helen
Hoffman to work with her on identifying science faculty.

Addie noted this anomaly: if RUL does not own a paper version of a
database, there is no record in IRIS for that database.

7. Science Direct (Howard)

We have electronic access to all Elsevier journals. There are about 100
Elsevier titles that neither RUL nor any other NERL library has
subscribed to, but under the terms of our contract, we can access these
journals 8000 times. After 8000 there is a charge. Howard demonstrated
the access procedure and provided a handout. Howard will inquire of Bob
if we can get monthly reports telling us how many of the 8000 hits are

8. Miscellaneous.

Addie reported that Collection development Council will be discussing
extra access to various databases, the adequacy of current limits, and
the possibility of back years. NBCG in general favors higher numbers of
simultaneous users, noting the stress on databases like MedLine,
PsychInfo, and MLA, among others.

Tom noted a problem with Uncover Reveal--ordering but not receiving
articles. Given the high profile of this service, it is important to
ascertain that it is working and RUL is getting its money's worth [did
we have a recommendation of how to follow-up?]

It was agreed to switch the date of the next meeting from April 13 to
April 12 to avoid a conflict with religious observances.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Mulcahy,
Secretary Pro Tem

Kevin P Mulcahy
Humanities Librarian & Instruction Coordinator
Alexander Library Rutgers University
169 College Avenue