New Brunswick Collections Group Meeting Minutes
Friday, April 11, 2003

Pane Room, Alexander Library, 11:30 a.m.

Present: Ellen Calhoun, Kayo Denda, Howard Dess (Convener), Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner(Guest), Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Brian Hancock, Sara Harrington, Helen Hoffman, Triveni Kuchi, Patricia Libutti, Mei ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen(Recorder), Jim Niessen, Hector R. Perez-Gilbe, Pat Piermatti, Jane Sloan, Karen Wenk, Myoung C. Wilson, Connie Wu.

Approval of Agenda: Agenda was approved.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

  1. Overview of Missing Books Procedures: Judy Gardner gave an update on current procedures for declaring books missing as well as procedures to be used for replacing missing monographs. The Access Services Committee has completed a review of the procedures in part because of numerous questions coming in to AAL about missing books and also problems associated with patrons filling out various request forms (RDS, PALCI) where item status has not been updated. Librarians and staff at all public service desks are reminded to follow the process through with the patron from the declaration of the book as missing to checking shelves to making sure patron fills out a form to get the material elsewhere (RDS, ILL, PALCI).
    Reports are currently run on a timetable and in a format more useful for staff workflows than for selectors' expeditious use in purchasing replacements.
    JG handed out "Missing Book Guidelines," which can also be found on the "Staff Resources" portion of the website at:
    The missing book list is on the Alex T: drive and anyone can access it. The report includes title, author, publisher, shelving key (call # order), other libraries in the system that own the book, how many copies and last charge date. This will be available in Excel and noncumulative lists could be run on a regular basis. We could include selector input and action taken on the book by Acquisitions.(whether book has been ordered)
    EC-sometimes records are withdrawn too soon from IRIS by DM team when book is actually back on the shelf.
    To see who the "missing books contact person" is at each library, refer to the "Staff Resources/Access Services/Contacts list on the website at:
    To see what books have been purchased with replacement funds, go to "Workflows" and "display 2" for the fund code "RPMX."
    JG would like to see "RPMX" funds carried over and not lost at the end of the fiscal year as a state fund if it is not fully depleted.
    JG would like to know how selectors' want the report produced and is asking for
    input. How often should it be produced? A prototype will be produced and selectors
    will continue the discussion as to frequency, etc.

  2. Budget Update: (H. Dess)

    Spending is going well and we are "on target." Free balances are where they should be. HD asks that selectors check their non-state fund balances and make sure those funds are spent.
    Subgroup Chair reports: KM-Confirming the acquisition of Evans' "American Bibliography" online. This collection is "Series 1" of the early American imprints and covers 1639-1820. This is a very positive acquisition for historians, etc. TL would like to know if there are any early education materials included and KM thinks there may be some primers.
    MF: Reminder to social science selectors to send in any refinements to HP-G's LC class analysis so that we may make use of this valuable information. Humanists also should send any refinements to KM.
    JM: The science endowment funds are now depleted.

    HD: no specific news on budget cuts as of yet. There will be cuts to collections, but we don't have firm figures yet. It is wise to be thinking about it and planning for it. At focus groups this week at LSM, faculty expressed concern over cuts to collections.

    HD is carrying out a series of searches that will provide detailed information about journal usage patterns by Rutgers researchers. This will include all journal titles that faculty published in and what publications were cited over a period of years. This will be a file that can be manipulated in Excel and data will be very useful in assessing journal collections.
    Discussion of usage data of electronic journals and indexes: MCW-Systems can give number of "clicks" to any product. HD will post Science Direct usage data. Concern expressed that publishers and vendors are not neutral and may skew the data. The Elsevier contract is being carefully looked at and we have a one-year contract at this point.
    PL: Use caution as data of some usage studies may not be a measure of "meaningfulness."
    HH: Would like to get lists of journals attached to fund codes printed. We can go to Gracemary for lists of journals coded to different subject areas.

  3. Selector List- HP-G: Still working on list of LC classes and is contacting selectors individually as questions come up. He will bring a list to the next meeting and we will discuss the gaps and who will be responsible for those areas.

  4. Miscellaneous Reports and Announcements-all:

    LBM: We are getting "PsycARTICLES" and trial will be up soon. Coverage will be 50 APA journals and a few others. We will get coverage of 18 new journals that we don't currently subscribe to.

    TK: Has developed a collection development policy for sociology with input from Camden and Newark. The Sociology Research guide is almost complete.

    Meeting adjourned 12:50 p.m.
    Respectfully submitted, Laura Bowering Mullen