CKDB Team Minutes December 14, 1999

1. CKDB Audit -- need to complete ASAP and hopefully within one week. Want to have it be at least 90% complete.

2. CKDB on the RUL website -- right now it's within New Brunswick Libraries and Staff Resources. Decided to add to site index too.

3. Announcement of CKDB will go out to RUL faculty and staff next week. Scott brought up the idea of getting an IP address for CKDB and will follow up with Pablo on that (

4. Right now CKDB is only for NB Libraries but the team is interested in having Newark and Camden participate. No merger with WAC at this time.

5. Ron developed a sticker to place on reference desk/information desk/librarian computers. Revised design will be ASK CKDBlogo with the ip address in lower case below that.

6. We will ask for success stories in using CKDB and report those to the NB librarians.

7. Reference information distributed via email to NB and RUL lists and information on course assignments for classes taught be librarians should be considered to add to CKDB. Often many of us forget the info from the emails and when the students come into the library a month later, it is difficult to retrieve. CKDB can come to the rescue. CKDB reps in each building will take responsibility for the course related/reference info from librarians in their building. As student move around from library to library, emails related to reference/instruction should go to all NB librarians not just to librarians in a building.

8. At the January NB librarians meeting, Ron will demo CKDB and discuss its usage.

9. Stephanie is adding a hyperlink from CKDB to the Rutgers Info Desk.

10. Usage -- Stephanie will add a counter on the front page once we complete the audit.

11. Team -- We are proceeding as a team and have decided to meet on a per need basis but to at least meet once/semester.

NEXT MEETING -- FEB 22, 2000 at 2PM at the Heyer Conference Room, SCC

Respectfully submitted, Marty Kesselman

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