New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes June 13, 2001

Present: Stephanie Bartz, Tony Joachim, Kevin McGuire, Beth Sawickie, Matt Wilk

1. Matt, Media, and the TEC

The TEC will be taking over several Media Library functions as of July 1. Three full-time staff (including Matt) and one part-time staff member from Media will be moving to the TEC. Four staff computers, the classroom support computer, and the 120s in the annexes will also be transferred to the TEC. Systems will need to be consulted concerning these computers and whether they can continue to connect to the library network.

Matt will ask Daphne Roberts to assume general responsibility for writing trouble tickets for Media; Kevin McGuire will become PC Coordinator for the entire Kilmer Library building.

2. Job descriptions/qualifications/skills

There was a general discussion and comparison of the responsibilities, skills, and qualifications for the various PC Coordinators.

3. Backups revisited

Systems has requested that PC Coordinators not provide general troubleshooting backup for Coordinators in other buildings. When a PC Coordinator is absent, library staff should be instructed to contact Systems directly, unless an established in-house backup is available.

4. PC recycling

16 PCs will be recycled from the Douglass classroom when the ACIC funded PCs eventually arrive. A draft version of the recycling plan was distributed and discussed. A final version will be distributed by email.

5. Requesting equipment

In order to centralize the process of ordering computer equipment and involve the fewest people, all NBL requests should be verified by the local PC Coordinator, checked with Systems to determine the appropriate new or replacement model, and forwarded to Stephanie who will pass them on as appropriate.

Next meeting: August 22, 2001, 2:00pm, LSM

Stephanie Bartz, recorder

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