New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes November 14, 2001

Attending: Stephanie Bartz (Team Leader), Isaiah Beard, Anthony Joachim, Kevin McGuire (recorder)

1. Isaiah Beard was welcomed to the group.

He is the new PC Coordinator for LSM. He is affiliated with the Information Services Dept. in LSM, and in addition to LSM proper, he will also serve as PC Coordinator for the science branch libraries -- SERC, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Alcohol Studies. The general responsibilities that are handled by the Team (e.g. new equipment requests for NBL, public and staff PC recycling/swapping, and PC upgrades, etc.) were reviewed. There was also a discussion of our role in the RUL PC Working Group, which includes representatives from Camden, Newark, and the RUL Systems Department, and whose meetings all members of the NBPC Team attend.

2. ACIC PCs:

a. The ACIC-funded PCs that have been received are awaiting a new license for the Foolproof security software before they are installed in the libraries.

b. Stephanie mentioned that a new funding proposal for 2002/2003 is being developed by NBISSG. There was a discussion of ACIC funding that included suggestions that all Reference Desk computers be replaced, and that additional public PCs be purchased. Team members were asked to forward their suggestions to their Reference Team Leader.

3. ELF PCs:

Stephanie requested that we all forward to her an inventory of the total number of public PCs -- both networked and stand-alone/CD stations -- in all of the libraries, both main & branch, as well as the number, out of that total, that have been previously recycled to their present positions from the SCC. The reason for this inventory is that, when the ELF-funded machines do arrive they will, in many cases, be replacing those recycled ex-SCC PCs. Since the ex-SCC PCs have substantial memory & speed advantages over many existing staff machines, those ex-SCC PCs will be used to replace many staff workstations, especially, perhaps, for those people still suffering with their P5-series PCs.

4. Miscellaneous:

Stephanie announced that she has purchased a number of DIMMs -- Dual Inline Memory Modules -- that will be used to upgrade the memory capability on as many as twenty library staff PCs. Though "P5"-series machines can benefit from DIMM installation, the E-3000 PCs have the greater potential for memory enhancement "per DIMM," and so, given the limited number of DIMMS, only the E-3000 PCs will get them. Stephanie will try to "spread the memory around" as fairly as possible.

Next meetings: Wednesday, December 12, 2001, 2:00 p.m., at Douglass Library Wednesday, January 9, 2002, 2:00 p.m., at Kilmer Library.

Tony Joachim, recorder

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