New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes April 15, 2003

Attending: Stephanie Bartz (Team Leader)(recorder), Pamela Johnson, Tony Joachim, Kevin McGuire

1. Minutes from March meeting:

The minutes of the March 26 meeting were approved and will be distributed and posted on the NBL site.

2. PC Inventory & PC Distribution:

Updates for the inventory are in progress in preparation for the next round of PC Plan distributions. Team members will finalize their sections of the inventory so that an allocation plan can be developed.

3. NBL Web Site:

Pam, Tony, and Stephanie will meet on Thursday, April 17, at 2:30p.m. to continue work on the NBL site.

4. Updates and Other:

Next Meeting: May 21st, 2003, 2:30 p.m. at Douglass Library.

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