New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes October 9, 2003

Attending: Stephanie Bartz (facilitator), Tony Joachim, Pamela Johnson, Kevin McGuire (recorder)

1. Wireless in the libraries:

RUCS will put up signs in the libraries indicating that wireless is now available. The RUCS page will include a colorized map of the coverage zones in the libraries, as well as the student centers, etc. Patrons with "how-to" technical questions concerning their laptops should refer to the RUCS help page, much like people at reference desks refer patrons to the "How to Connect" option on the main RUL page to get PC configuration instructions for off-site access. Additionally, the PC Team recommends a "hands-off" policy when it comes to physically handling a patron's laptop.

2. Laptops:

All the laptops and individual laptop parts will be more permanently labeled in the near future. The check-out sheet for the each laptop will list all of its parts. It will be recommended that people signing out the laptops check off each item on the sheet before leaving, to both make sure they have everything before they go, and keep a better track of anything that may be lost. In order to maintain uniformity, Pam will label all of the laptops and create the corresponding check-out sheets.

3. Training Plan:

Tony will draft a proposal for on-site, mini-training sessions in PC matters.

4. Software Inventory:

Tony will start an inventory to record NBL-purchased software and licenses.

5. Instruction Modules and Macromedia Flash:

Tony and Pam will work on future instruction module building with the librarians who wish to take advantage of some of the new classroom teaching technologies.

6. Updates:

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 13th, :2:00-4:00 , Meeting Room, at Kilmer Library.

Next web-site meeting: Wednesday, October 15th, 3:00-5:00, at Alexander Library (Stephanie's office)

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