New Brunswick PC Coordination Team Minutes March 17, 2004

Attending: Stephanie Bartz (Team Leader), Tony Joachim, Pamela Johnson (recorder), and Kevin McGuire.

1. New & Replacement PCs and PC Survey:

The PCWG PC Needs Assessment surveys have started to come in. The team agreed to send another reminder to NBL staff and faculty on Wednesday, week of March 22nd.

The twelve PCs coming out of the SCC for redistribution have been delayed. Systems will need to re-image these PCs. In-addition, nine new Dell PCs have been ordered. The distribution list for these 21 PCs and others that will be recycled will be finalized and sent to Systems by the end of the month.

2. Updates:

Laptop Sign-Out Form

Pam presented the modification to the draft design of the sign-out form. The group approved the first round of modifications. One additional change was recommended after the meeting.

Laptop Labeling:

Pam has three laptops that still need to be labeled: Douglas/ELF, Alexander/ELF and the Art Library/ACIC.

Software Inventory:

Tony is working on a database of New Brunswick software licenses.

Training Plan:

Stephanie and Tony will be meeting with Marilyn Wilt to discuss delivering a mini training session on Web Tools.

3. NBL Web Site:

4. Other:

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 18, 2004, after PCWG Meeting

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