Subject:  Minutes of the meeting of NB Information Services Steering Group
Date: September 14, 1998
Present: Ilona Caparros, Ron Jantz, Jackie Mardikian (recorder) , Jia
Mi, Ferris Olin, Pat Piermatti

This was the first meeting of the newly elected NB Information Services
Steering Committee.

As a follow up to the Information Services Steering Committee report of
June 12, 1998, the committee was charged to select a Convener.  Jackie
Mardikian was selected as Convener of the Information Services Steering

It was agreed that we would ask the heads/coordinators of the four major
libraries to remain as Local Team Leaders in order to provide for a
smooth transition in this academic year.  We plan on examining
statistics, reference annual reports and the voucher budget for
reference departments and coordinate activities across New Brunswick.
We have to develop a methodology for collaboration with Access Services
and Collection Management, identify overlap areas, discuss charges of
each one of the 6 teams, and  identify membership. The committee felt
that we do not need a consultant for now.

The timetable for meetings till the end of the year:

Sept 28   9-12    Alex   SCC
Oct 8      2-5      Kilmer
Oct 19    9-12    Alex  SCC   present Reference Local Coordinators will
be invited to attend
Oct 26     9-12   Alex SCC
Nov 9     9-12    Alex SCC
Nov 16  9-12     Alex  SCC
Nov 30   9-12      Alex SCC
Dec 10    2-5       Kilmer
Dec 21    9-12     Alex SCC

Jackie will give a brief progress report at the October 16 New Brunswick
Faculty meeting.

Jackie Mardikian
Medical Sciences Resource Librarian
 Library of Science and Medicine
 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
 165 Bevier Road
 Piscataway, NJ 08854-8009

Phone: 732-445-2890
Fax:   732-445-5703