Subject: Meeting Minutes of NB Information Services Steering Group -
Date: Nov 16, 1998
Place: SCC at the Alexander Library

Reference statistics/Hours  for Douglass.  Pat will work with Uma and
Scott to input data for spring term March and Ferris and
team can analyze data at the December meeting.  The Coordinating Team
will examine Kilmer sampling statistics as well as Reference
transactions and Directional Transactions reports provided from the RUL
Budget Office.  Jackie will send copy to all ISSG members.

Team membership: Jia will draw an organizational chart showing current
faculty, staff and student team members and grad students working at ref
and info desks in NB, and their relationships to the Information
Services Group.

IMPLEMENTATION PLANNING DISCUSSION : The following items and dates were

** Info desks   KAL, DSS, LSM    Cost analysis, staffing, hours,
logistics, training     PLANNING 98-99   IMPLEMENTATION   2000
** Statistical Analysis Info/Ref Desks   Terminology-  guidelines
** Reference services policies- manuals SPRING 99
** Central telephone service    932/445 LIBS   determine staffing,
hours, training, budget,
 proposal for access services and  PLANNING 98-99, IMPLEMENTATION 2000.

** Inclusion/Recruitment of staff and other locations   FALL 2000
** Interconnections with NB Access services and Collections Services
** SCILS interns ONGOING   centralize procedure   discuss with Jana
Varlejs SPRING 99
** Branch libraries    2001
** Closing ranks for staffing purposes - on-call librarian    RE-EXAMINE

** Queuing Model for staffing    For info/ref desks and 932/445 LIBS
** Continued Technology liaisons    ONGOING

** Organizational Communication  inter NB and inter RUL ONGOING
** Assessment and evaluation of all teams  examine quality of service,
training and collections   should be ONGOING     HOW DO WE DO THIS/ NEED
** Interconnections among NB/RUL committees/groups ONGOING
** Agree on terminology   Reference?  overall for group   ISSG 98/99
** Examine overlapping/interconnecting responsibilities in order to
avoid duplication ONGOING

** Reference collections  budgets      98-99
** Reference collections assessment    99-2000
** Reference collections policies   SPRING 99- 2000

** Reference training manuals  - DEVELOP MANUALS & TRAINING PROGRAMS
** Baseline Orientation Manuals for new hires (work with C, Geddis)
** Baseline standards and knowledge to provide info/ref services
** Computer literacy /windows 95 ( C. Geddis)   SURVEY BASELINE

** Determination of what kinds of resources and training manuals should
be mounted on the Common Knowledge Database SPRING 99
** Determination of which building specific databases including Camden
and Dana should be made available to the entire system SPRING 99

** Transition for next steering group /elections   SPRING 99
** Teams Leaders elections      99-2000

ONGOING MACRO ISSUES Services philosophy

Fee-based info services at RUL and NB
K-12 services in NB
Users who?  Ever expanding
Distance Learning
How to provide reference in a networked environment

Propose a SCILS/RUL/NB publication in "Journal of Rutgers University
Libraries" and conference in  MILLENNIUM

We agreed on the following timetable for upcoming meetings:

Nov 30 meeting canceled
December 21 meeting canceled

Holiday Lunch    December 21 1:00
Dec 10, 1998   2-5 Kilmer Thursday
Jan 11, 1999    9:30 SCC Alex Monday
Feb 16             9:30 SCC Alex Tuesday
Mar 15            9:30 SCC Alex Monday
Apr 12            9:30 SCC Alex Monday
May 10           9:30 SCC Alex Monday
June 7             9:30 SCC Alex Monday

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