Information Services Group (ISG)
New Brunswick Libraries

Meeting Minutes
December 16, 1999

These minutes will be posted on the NBL web site at
in the Information Services section.

Recorder: Scott Hines

Present: Jeris Cassel, Ilona Caparros, Scott Hines, Ron Jantz, Kevin
McGuire, Scott McMillan, Feris Olin, Penny Page, Susan Peters, Uma Swamy,
Lisa Vecchioli, Myoung Wilson (chairman)

1. Introduction of Reference Associates and guests
2. Approval of the minutes of the November 18th meeting
3. Review of reference statistics
4. Follow-up on information services model discussion from NBLF 11/19th.
5. Reference models/configuration for D21
6. Coordination of NB instruction programs
7. Roles and responsibilities of local operations liaisons (this discussion
should be the bases for the NBL Reference Manual)
8. Development of the NBL Virtual Library Tour

1) Ref stats will be forwarded to Uma by 15th of each month.
2) Myoung will send out announcement for exchange program.
3) Term paper clinic and virtual tour will be incorporated into ici funds
grant proposal for Shaping a Life.
4) Jeris and Scott will work on a pilot training program for librarians in
internet librarianship.
5) Jeris will send out announcement of NB instructional coordination.

Minutes of last meeting approved.

D21@Douglass Today's meeting is being held at Douglass in order to discuss how information services fits
into D21 plans at Douglass. D21 will be the model for implementation of the Digital Library Initiative
long range plan for RUL. D21 will focus on music/performing arts, multimedia services, enhanced services
to undergraduades, Women's Studies, and state of the art digital libraries. The architecture consultant
Allison Baxter is helping out with physical planning, concept design, and a feasibility study. The
documents and drawings resulting from work with the consultant will be used in attracting major donors
for D21 funding.

Lisa distributed a document (available on the nbl web site) that outlines
the IS model that Douglass librarians have proposed for D21. The model
combines IS and Access Services service desks and provides for an
Information Assistant (IA) as the public's first point of contact in
Information Services. This IA would call on librarians located away from the
service desk on an as-needed, consultative basis. Periodicals would be
located in the reference area with a reduced reference collection.
Eclassroom would also be located nearby. Possibility of having a cyber cafe
here, too, is included in the proposal. Suite of reference librarian offices
with consultation area would also be located here.

A part-time reference assistant is researching IS models and developing a
list of libraries worldwide that have recently been redesigned. Myoung
mentioned two models of IS redesign that are currently prominent: the
Brandeis model with no reference desk at all and the MIT model in which the
reference and access services desks are combined or located next to each
other at the same central desk.

Some issues related to new models include:
1) More time is spent now on reference queries because we're doing
on-the-spot BI sessions for indexes and electronic resources and because
more in-depth help is needed since patrons have often started their search
off-site before coming to the reference desk and so are further along in the
2) But people want to see a person when they come in, so more online help
may not be adequate.

One short-term need in information services, regardless of whether new
models are eventually introduced, is equipment support, especially at DSS
and KLMR where there is no copy center.

One idea that came up is to have librarian sit at reference desk, but turned
away from desk, in order to work and be consulted only when needed.

In planning D21, examination of the SCC experience could be valuable. Two
issues that have come up there are the need for better arrangements for food
at events and for more flexible use of instructional and staff space.

We toured the reference area at Douglass, and further discussion on the D21
issue will follow at a later date as the Douglass librarians continue their
work with the consultant.

All liaisons should send monthly totals for stats (both on-desk daily stats
and off-desk stats collected for sampling days) to Uma by the 15th of each
month (in addition to sending them for forwarding to Nancy Hendrickson).

Basically, our proposal was adopted by the NBL faculty librarians with
a slight amendment. Spring semester will begin exchange program. Here are
the first exchanges:
Myoung to Douglass
Jeris to Alex
Ron to Kilmer
Susan to Alex
Scott to Kilmer
Lisa to Alex

Pairing up with someone you can learn a lot from is important. Myoung will
send out an announcement to NBL faculty announcing these exchanges and
soliciting requests for exchanges in the summer and fall.

Access Services shared with Myoung the results of documentation of reference
questions asked at the circulation desk at alex while the reference desk was
closed. There is heavy need for reference late in evening on Sunday and
during day on Saturday. Maybe we could put IAs on ref desk at those times
toward end of each semester. We may also need to request and use more GA
lines to attract and retain high-quality RAs. Liaisons should ask if Access
Services can do the same documentation at other libraries.

Ron passed around an issue of the journal Choice, Supplement #36, 1999 which
is devoted entirely to selected web resources in various fields. This could
serve as a starting point for awareness courses for NBL librarians. Jeris
and Scott will work on a pilot training course in Internet Reference to be
delivered for testing to the ISG.

Lisa and Scott continue to work on integrating a term paper clinic style
service into Shaping a Life program at DSS. Goal is to apply for ICI grant.

Other libraries have these, but creating a good one is not easy. Maybe we
could fold this into an ici grant proposal.

Yes, Jeris will send out call to announce.

Tabled to next month's meeting.

Liaisons, please post ad for IAs in each library.

As in the past we will continue to meet on the third Thursday at 9:30
am at Kilmer Library unless we decide otherwise. Below are the dates. I
would appreciate if you would clear your calendar now so that conflicts can
be avoided as best as we can.  thanks.



3/16  (this is during the spring break.  How many of you will be able to
attend? I will be out of town so if all of you can attend, then one of our
vice-chairs can chair the meeting. If many of you plan to take a break as
in my case, then we will need to move the date.





8/17 (this is another week of problem for me because I (and Ron) will be in
Jerusalem for IFLA conference--there are five Thursdays in August and I am
not sure what everyone's vacation schedule will be like. Ideally, I like
not to have a meeting in August but since we are public service group, we
may not have such privilege.