Minutes, Aug. 17, 2000
Present: Jeris Cassel, Ellen Gilbert, Penny Page (recorder), Pat Piermatti

1. Minutes of the July 20 ISSG meeting were approved.
2. Reference Exchange Program:

Reference exchange line-up for fall 2000 semester is as follows:

Jeris Cassel-LSM
Fernando Chang-ALEX
Emily Fabiano-KAL
Brian Hancock-Art
Marty Kesselman-DGLSS
Pat Piermatti-KAL
Lisa Vecchioli-KAL

One more person is still needed for DLGSS. Ryan Womack will continue reference work at ALEX. Since DLGSS will no longer have reference desk hours on Sunday, DGLSS librarians will be included in the Sunday reference rotation at ALEX. ALEX librarians will provide telephone backup to information assistants at DGLSS on weekends.

3. Fall Reference Desk Hours, Statistics, etc.:

We will begin keeping daily "off-desk" reference statistics in September. LSM has decided to maintain their summer reference hours for fall. This means the reference desk will be open from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. (opening one hour later and closing one hour earlier than last fall). This change is based on low statistics for first and last hour of reference. Saturday and Sunday hours remain same as last year. LSM schedules one librarian at the desk with one backup in the building, but the backup librarian must be in the building by 9 a.m.

P.Page has sent draft fall NBL reference schedule, based on previous fall hours, to all Reference Team Leaders. When all updates have been received, the revised schedule will be sent to NBL list and will be posted on the NBL webpage.

4. Update on Orientation Video, Instructional Activities, etc.:

Jeris previewed a copy of the RUL video but felt that it was too traditional (e.g., showing card catalog, etc.). OPEC is making some changes which should be ready for September. Copies will be distributed to the Learning Resource Centers, Teaching Excellence Centers, and the NB libraries that won't have the RU cable channels in the fall (ALEX, DGLSS). The Dean of Cook College has asked for a copy, and the student centers will run copies for student group orientations. We might also want to show a copy at the Undergraduate Education Seminar this fall as part of a section on information literacy (we need to follow up with Glisserman on our participation).

Jeris has been working with Lisa Galloway Evrard (responsible for learning activities for transfer students in New Brunswick) to set up instructional workshops for transfer students in the fall. There will be two workshops at ALEX and one each at LSM, DGLSS, and KAL. Lisa's department will handle the publicity on this.

5. Information Services Complaints:

The group discussed how we handle complaints received at the reference desk. These should be reported or referred to the Reference Team Leader for that library. Team leaders should alert all information services staff to this fact. When possible, some written response should be provided by the team leader. Reference Team Leaders should bring these complaints to the ISSG meetings for further discussion. This will allow us to identify patterns or specific problems and to recommend solutions.

6. Reference Collection and Budget:

Ilona Caparros was head of the Reference Collections Subgroup of NBCG and served as their liaison to ISSG. Ellen Gilbert, who is now serving as the Reference Team Leader for ALEX, will reconvene the subgroup and will serve as the new ISSG liaison.

7. GAUGE (Group Analysis of User-Geared Environment) Preconference Survey:

Jeris distributed two surveys developed by Cassel, Kesselman, and Fabiano to gather information for our planned NBL faculty conference in January. The conference theme will be "Putting the User at the Center." There is an individual survey and a group survey, which will be distributed shortly. The group survey will be given to the major NBL groups: Collection Development, Multimedia and Digital Library Services, Information Services, Access Services, Administrative Services, and Collection Services. Each group will be asked to discuss the items with their members and then provide group consensus responses. ISSG did a trial run of this survey at the meeting and suggested minor changes. ISSG members will complete the individual survey and give any comments to Jeris as soon as possible. Surveys will be sent to NBL members and groups shortly, and a report of their findings (Cassel, Kesselman, and Fabiano) will hopefully be ready for Sept. NBL faculty meeting.

8. Next meeting: Sept. 21.