New Brunswick Information Services Steering Group Meeting
Thurs., March 19, 2001

Present: Ron Jantz, Penny Page, Myoung C, Wilson, Jane Sloane, Jeris Cassel, Kayo Denda, Ellen Gilbert

1. Minutes of previous meeting approved.

2. Old business

-AAL: NBISSG's proposal for changes in AAL operations was not considered by the Public Services Council; however, Ryoko represented NBL's view at the Cabinet discussion. Cabinet directive: use 7-2-1 model for covering AAL. Agreed by NBISSG that new team will help the AAL Coordinator (Natalie Borisovets) redesign current AAL service by incorporating some of the proposed changes suggested by the NB librarians. Eleven NB library faculty were identified as potential AAL candidates.

3. New Business

-D21: Jane Sloan reported that the construction management company is to begin work soon. The work will be conducted in 2 to 3 phases, using the $1.8 million (the amount remaining from the original $4.1 million allocation after basic repairs are completed). Focus right now is on reconfiguring the 1st floor of Douglass Library.

Kayo noted that a recent informal survey revealed that only 20% of Douglass Library users are DC students. She expressed the hope that the library will begin to respond more directly to the needs of its DC neighbors (e.g., Political Science). Among the ideas for redesigning the 1st floor of the library is to consolidate service points, creating an easily accessible "hub." A proposal to the Program Committee will eventually be submitted.

2. (Return to) Old Business

-Ref. Manual: Penny reported that the NBISSG organizational structure has been added. The manual will be posted online, thus enabling regular revision in the future. Any last minute suggestions for this edition should be sent to Penny within the next two weeks.

-Douglass Library Weekend Hours: current schedule appears to work and will continue. The next Douglass Ref. meeting will consider specific statistics and questions.

3. (Return to) New business

-PC Working Group (see handout identifying NBL PC Coordinators and Reporting Structure). Myoung announced the creation of a PC Coordinators Working Group to be coordinated by Stephanie Bartz, who will attend NBISSG meetings.

-Question: Should there be an NBL Collection Services representative to NBISSG? It was agreed to table this question for now, though considerable concern was expressed about the quality of service at the periodicals desks in all the NB libraries. Better training is clearly needed.

-Send results of the VALE survey to MCW by 4/28.

-Hours for AY 2001-2002: submit summer hours to Penny; think about fall and spring hours; summer ref exchanges?

-Instruction and orientation discussions tabled for May meeting.

-Volunteers are needed for the Parents' Program on Fri., Aug. 31 from 9 am til 12 pm. Ryoko will work at the BC booth; Kayo volunteered for the CAC booth where Jeris may also help out.

-Centralized Telephone Services: work still in progress.

-Copies of the Public Services Council "no cell phones" policy were distributed.

-Reminder: Metro Cards should be available at NB ref desks; get copies from Jeanne's office.