New Brunswick Information Services Steering Group Meeting
Thurs., August 2, 2001

Present: Stephanie Bartz, Jeris Cassel (recorder), Kayo Denda, Scott Hines, Ron
Jantz, Penny Page, Kevin Mulcahy, Pat Piermatti, Myoung Wilson (chair)

Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the May 10, 2001 meeting were approved.

Meeting Schedule
NBISSG meetings will be rescheduled from the first to the second Thursday of each month to accommodate group members' schedules. Myoung will forward the revised schedule via email. The next meeting is Thursday, September 13, 9:30 a.m.

Structure of NBISSG
Membership of NBISSG includes all NB faculty librarians who provide information, reference, research, and instructional services.

The Chair will be elected for a two-year term, with the option to run for a second term.

Vice Chair(s) will be appointed by the Chair.

The steering group reviewed the document "Ask A Librarian: A Renewed Systemwide Commitment" relative to this discussion. Myoung updated the group on the new ways the Ask A Librarian service will be organized. NBL is required to provide seven out of ten personnel (percentage wise) to serve on AAL. Under these circumstances, Myoung asked Jean and Natalie that a NB librarian be considered as a deputy coordinator of the service.

The ISSG will consist of: four (4) Reference Team Leaders, a Branch Representative, an RUL ISC (Instructional Services Committee) Liaison, the Common Knowledge Database Team Leader, the PC Coordination Team Leader, a NBCG Reference Collections Liaison, an RUL CDC (Collections Development Committee) GERT (General Electronic Resources Team) Liaison, and the NBL Ask-a-Librarian Coordinator. Individuals may serve in these positions for indefinite terms at the pleasure of the appropriate team or the chair of NBISSG. Currently, the Reference Team Leaders are Kayo Denda (Douglass), Kevin Mulcahy (Alexander), Jeris Cassel (Kilmer), and Pat Piermatti (Library of Science & Medicine); the Branch Representative is Penny Page; the RUL ISC Liaison is Jeris Cassel; the Common Knowledge Database Team Leader is Ron Jantz; the PC Coordination Team Leader is Stephanie Bartz; the NBCG Reference Collections Liaison and RUL Collections Development Council GERT Liaison is Kevin Mulcahy (to be confirmed), and the NBL Ask-a-Librarian Liaison is Scott Hines.

Reference Team Leaders are to be selected/elected among the tenured faculty. Non-tenured faculty may serve in an acting capacity in the event of temporary leaves (or emergencies) of the Reference Team Leader. In this case, the NBISSG chair will assist with personnel matters. Discussion ensued on the possibility of a tenured faculty member from another library unit building serving as the leader where there are only limited tenured faculty (e.g., Douglass and Kilmer). Consensus was that it is important that the person "live" in the major unit building in order to represent reference matters appropriately and that the tenured faculty in the building have a responsibility to serve in the Reference Team Leader role. The unit has the option to select the Reference Team Leader.

Current D21 activities involve planning for the renovation of the Douglass reference room. The first architectural drawing for the room was unsatisfactory, so a new one is being done. Myoung will post future Program Committee minutes to NBISSG.

Myoung will forward the names of NB Ask a Librarian participants to Natalie. The list of names will be reconfirmed by team leaders before forwarding.

Penny and Myoung reviewed the "final" reference manual which is now available on the NBL web. The following documents will be added to the manual: Ask-a-Librarian philosophy and participation and NB library exchange program. LSM telephone numbers needing corrections will be edited. Further corrections should be sent to Myoung and Penny.

Orientation Activities
Rutgers College Parents' Information Fair is on Friday, August 31, 9:00-Noon at the College Avenue and Busch Campus Centers. Scott, Ryoko, and Pat will be at Busch and Kayo, Kevin, and Jeris will be at College Avenue. Jeris will have videotapes and brochures available for both sites. Scott is pursuing Internet connections.

Scott Hines and Jackie Mardikian are participating in the TA orientation.

ISC will be rolling out a new web page in the near future and developing proposals for information literacy components at the university. The library video will be used for the Rutgers College new student orientation. Leslie Murtha is coordinating with the New Student Orientation Office.

Graduate student orientation will be done through departments rather than en masse.

Myoung suggested arranging Endnote (or other bibliographic tools) training for graduate students and faculty.

Reference Hours
Penny will be collecting fall/spring semester and intersession hours soon. Myoung will review the schedules for standardization.

Reference Exchange
The following individuals will continue participating in the reference exchange program for Fall 2001: Kayo Denda (Alex), Ryan Womack (Alex), Scott Hines (LSM), Tom Glynn (Douglass), Sara Harrington (Alex), Eileen Stec (LSM), Rebecca Gardner (LSM), Hector Perez-Gilbe (LSM), Ferris Olin (Art). Patricia Libutti may participate in an exchange at LSM. Myoung will send an email asking that anyone interested in participating in the reference exchange program to contact the team leader at the home unit and exchange unit.

Voucher Funds
Myoung distributed a voucher worksheet for 2001/2002 that team leaders should fill in and return to her by August 13. Calculate hours based on 52 weeks and 27 pay periods. Team leaders are to define Information Assistant and Reference Assistant on the back of the worksheet.

Reference Statistics
Reference statistics should be sent to Uma Swamy at LSM by the 10th of every month. Myoung will provide clarification to Uma of statistics to be collected and will request that she send a reminder to the team leaders prior to the date the statistics are due to her. Suggestions for facilitating the collection of "away from the reference desk" statistics were discussed, such as sending regular email reminders and putting the forms in mailboxes each month.

Alternate Modes of Information Services
Further discussion will take place at the next meeting, including reference Internet training and live reference.

Update on Public Services Council
Au gave a demo of the E-College library segment. Leslie Murtha facilitated a review of the ISC technology report. Smart Classrooms are now being administered by TEC. Myoung encouraged the group to look at the IRIS test catalog with the authorities file.

Pat Piermatti agreed to attend PSC on August 23 for Myoung.

Ron announced that we can get our own username and password in Netlibrary (www.netlibrary.com). He encouraged us to try Netlibrary which has approximately 540 books, primarily computer books. It is not ready for the public. There still a gap between delivery and operation, as decisions on checkout are pending.

Kayo discussed a recent security matter at Douglass.

Future Agenda Item
General guidelines on grant funds and hiring part-time person for reference was suggested as a future agenda item.

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