NB Information Services Steering Group -
Minutes of January 10, 2002 Meeting

Attendees: (Members) Stephanie Bartz, Ben Beede, Ron Jantz (recorder), Marty Kesselman, Kevin Mulcahy, Leslie Murtha, Penny Page

Attendees: (Guests) Ferris Olin, Triveni Kuchi, Eileen Stec, Stephanie Tama

The minutes of the December 13, 2001 meeting were approved as is.

New Models of Information Service
Ferris Olin introduced this topic by asking the question "who are we as reference librarians?" We are frequently spread too thinly across lots of different tasks, we have our own specializations, and we do both off-desk and on-desk reference. However, we do not have a consensus on how to handle release time for special assignments or whether all librarians are required to do on-desk reference. Ferris cited a specific example in which expenses for release time were covered in an SROA grant but there were objections to actually providing the release time for the librarian. In another example, release time was granted for the PROP assignment. Some of the key issues include: 1) do all librarians do reference, 2) how do we provide reference services (we are implementing or experimenting with a number of models including reference exchange and real-time reference, 3) how do we manage reference services, and 4) can we take more advantage of trained staff, librarian V's, etc?

Action: We will launch an email discussion of this topic and bring the results back into another ISSG meeting and discuss how we might approach the topic in a future NBLF meeting.

ACIC Proposal
Marty provided an overview of where the ACIC committee is with the current proposal. They have decided not to include the wireless classroom for Douglass, in part because it should be included as part of D21. The following items are currently proposed:
· Provide NetOp for all NB classrooms. In some cases, NetOp will replace a non-working or improperly working Tech Commander. In the discussion, we decided to add the Data Center computers and one more instructional position. Frequently, we can use NetOp to demonstrate concepts in the Data Center to just 2 or 3 people. The total NetOp estimated price is about $5,000.
· Provide new PCs at all public reference desks with dual flat screen monitors. Estimated price is $25,000.
· Provide four laptops with a network card to take on the road. Estimated price is $8,500.
· Upgrade all PCs in the Data Center and recycle the 12 computers that are currently in the Data Center. Estimated price is about $25,000.
The price estimates above will change as we converge on the specific configurations. Marty estimated that the total will be in the $65,000 to $70,000 range. It was also decided not to include Endnotes in this proposal; it seems that ACIC is not the proper place to purchase this type of software however we were not sure where the budget would come from.

Actions: 1) The ACIC committee is working to have a final draft to Ryoko by February 1 and 2) Ron Jantz will ask Mike Giarlo to install NetOp and offer a tutorial by Janurary 23 or 24. (Recorder's note: We are experiencing some serious performance problems with NetOp and we will not be able to meet the date for this action. See my email on the topic.)

Reference Statistics and Related Items
Uma is resigning and we need someone to pull together statistics until a new person is trained for this task. Pat Piermatti expects that a new person could be trained for the Fall, 2002.

Action: Penny will talk with Arlene about having someone pick up this work for the interim period.

AAL Enrollment for the Spring
We estimated that we have 9 people from NB who are signed up for AAL this semester. The tally so far is as follows:

Karen Wenk, Laura Mullen, Pat Piermatti, Lourdes Vasquez, Marty Kesselman, Cathy Pontoriero, Sara Harrington, Rebecca Gardner, Hector Perez-Gilbe

Action: Kevin will poll Alex librarians for additional volunteers.

· Jill Nathanson is a new librarian V at LSM
· Leslie Murtha is the Instructional Coordinator while Jeris is on leave.
· The web cache has been completely removed (the cached was causing problems with several of the library databases). Dave Hoover continues to investigate issues with the private IP addresses in dormitories.
· Scott Hines "going away" celebration is scheduled for 3 pm on Friday, Jan. 25
· Eileen brought up the issue of how Scott's projects should be reassigned. It was decided that Penny would email Scott to request a list of his projects and ask for suggestions on who could pick up the projects.