NB Libraries Information Services Steering Group

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Conference Room, Kilmer Library


Present: Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Jeris Cassel, Ron Jantz, Marty Kesselman, Kevin Mulcahy, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, Myoung Wilson (chair)



1.        Approval of Minutes - Minutes of the September 12, 2002 meeting were approved.


2.        Amendment of Agenda - NBL instruction activities was added as a continuing item under Old Business.


3.        New Business -

·         ACIC 2002/03 funding update:

·         Eleven PCs have been purchased and installed at NBL reference desks, and a twelfth is on order for the Math Library.  Ten flat panel monitors and eight DeskJet printers have also been purchased and distributed.  Two LaserJet printers have been ordered but not yet received.

·         Two laptop setups will be ordered shortly, one to be based at the Art Library since there are currently no instructional computers there, and the second to be based at Alexander.  Funding for the remaining two laptops will be held in reserve until NetOp or other instructional software is purchased.

·         NetOp is still being tested and will be installed in the Douglass Library Instructional Alcove for testing, and reinstalled in the IHLs now that the PCs there have been changed over to Windows 2000.

·         Software instructions for toggling the second monitor on and off were written by Isaiah Beard and distributed to the group.

·         A booking system is needed to track the location and availability of all the laptops now owned, or soon to be owned by NBL.  Stephanie will consult with Arlene.  In addition to those being purchased with ACIC funding, there is one in the McDonnell Room, one in the SCC, and one at each of the four main libraries (purchased with ELF funds).  Two others are permanently allocated to the TLH and the Pane Room at Alexander.


·         RUL/SCILS Intern - Angel Falcon is the current intern.  He is taking classes at SCILS and is also working at the libraries 25 hours per week.  Like Lonnie Johnson before him, Angel is doing rotations in various library departments.  His rotation in Information Services will occur in spring 2003.  Myoung will draft a plan to be reviewed by NBISSG for his time in Information Services.


·         ARL surveys -

·         Two surveys concerning information services were recently completed.  A further study of NBL service points and reference desk staffing is needed.

·         Copies of reference desk schedules for all units should be shared with NBISSG.  Stephanie will establish an NBISSG listserv to facilitate communication among the group.


·         NBL Website -

·         Portions of the NBL Website are in need of updating and Stephanie will contact appropriate persons to get them reviewed.  Kevin Mulcahy, as Faculty Chair, has overall ownership of the pages.  The NB PC Coordination Team will coordinate Website maintenance and pages will be updated on request. 

·         There was a discussion of whether the NBL server should continue to be maintained as a separate server housed at LSM.  A recommendation was made that the pages be moved onto an SCC server and the NBL server be retired.  Kevin will discuss the issue with Linda Langschied.


·         EndNotes -

·         There is a general feeling that EndNotes is an important tool and should be acquired by the libraries.  Ron will ask Mike Giarlo to investigate current pricing, but the consensus was that a site license for Rutgers is what’s really needed.  Myoung and Marty will refer the subject to Public Services Council.

·         A new member is needed for NBISSG to provide advice on a continuing basis regarding issues like EndNotes and other research/instruction/information services computing concepts.


·         Douglass campus survey - Marty distributed and reviewed the results of the reference survey and the library user survey recently conducted at Douglass.


·         Priorities for NBL information/instruction/research - A short discussion of NBL funding priorities included building renovations, classroom upgrades, and retrospective cataloging of small finite collections.  The discussion will continue in more depth at the November 15 NBL faculty meeting.


·         ACIC AY 2003/04 suggestions -

·         Wireless setups to allow students to use laptops in the libraries, most likely to be begun as a pilot in the SCC.

·         Equipment for Virtual Library Outposts in each of the student centers, and possibly in the computer labs.

·         Replacement PCs for the IHLs.


4.   Reports

·         Public Services Council -

·         Evaluation questions for the public services aspects of librarianship have been written and referred to Coordinating Committee.

·         Goals for the year are being reviewed.  The top 2 goals are Open URL software and cross-database searching.

·         Harassment on Campus brochures were distributed.

·         Unit Reports -

·         Alexander - An undergraduate computing lab for Alexander is still being negotiated.

·         Douglass - D21 moving will probably begin during intersession.  The design should be 90% complete and the furniture selected next month.

·         Kilmer - Jeris is following up on an unexpected reference staffing issue that came up earlier this fall.

·         LSM - With the hiring of Maria Larson (part-time) and Kathleen Creegan (Saturdays) LSM reference is fully staffed.  The UMDNJ line previously held by Uma has been transferred to Access Services.

·         PC Coordination Team - The team has been busy purchasing, allocating, and distributing PCs and other related equipment.


5.   Other - Team leaders are asked to review their voucher budgets regularly to insure that funds are expended expeditiously.


11/14/02sb, revised 11/18/02