Information Services Steering Group
Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2003

Attending: S. Bartz, J. Cassel, K. Mulcahy, F. Olin, P. Piermatti, M. Sheehy, G. Smulewitz, F. Tehrani.

  1. Minutes of September meeting approved with one change-addition of Rebecca Gardner's name to list of members of Instruction Group.
  2. Agenda approved, with one revision-moving up Public Services Council Report to beginning of meeting.
  3. Myoung welcomed guests Farideh Tehrani, Gracemary Smulewitz, and Matthew Sheehy of Access Services.
  4. Public Services Council Report-M. Wilson

  5. Myoung distributed Scholarly Digital Project Proposal Applications for team leaders to share with teams. The application form was approved by PSC and will be sent to other councils and cabinet to insure proper vetting of proposed projects. The relationship of this application to the currenty is unclear, but the application is likely to complement SCC policy.

    Myoung recommended for our consideration a document on "Dimensions and Use of the Scholarly Information Environment" []

  6. Open Discussion-Strategies for Developing Seamless Information Services by Access Services, Collection Services, and Information Services.

  7. Public does not distinguish among student workers, professional staff, and librarians; simply wants help. Staff wants to help, but what is appropriate level of help for non-librarians to offer? Guidelines and perhaps training needed. Can we combine resources? Consolidate service points? Matthew, Gracemary, Jeris and Ferris will serve as a task force to recommend strategies and will report to ISSG in January.

  8. Statistics-M. Wilson

  9. Myoung distributed flow charts indicating how statistics for reference and instruction are reported. The online forms have been improved and simplified. Each librarian is responsible for reporting her/his own instruction stats; team leaders report ref sampling days and aggregate ref statistics.

  10. Voucher rates-M. Wilson

  11. Myoung proposes that we allow reference assistants who have received their MLS degrees one additional year (maximum) at an enhanced pay rate ($.50 to $1.00 more than standard). Also, if there is occasional reason to pay a reference assistant at two rates (e.g one for reference and one as an ad hoc instructor) be sure to notify Francoise in advance.

    The Alexander open line was discussed. A draft description for a short-term temporary position was endorsed, as was a proposal to fill the line for a period of some years with a Librarian V who would focus on reference, instruction, and technological applications for reference and development. Kevin will develop a draft, distribute to ISSG, and then to NBLF.

  12. Unit Reports

  13. P. Piermatti. All is well.

    F. Olin. Douglass discussing how it will function when first phase is complete and how to cope with K. Denda's leave.

    K. Mulcahy. All is well.

    J. Cassel. Remodeling of the reference area has created a more open space and allows for study groups. Undergraduate Teaching Conference was interesting. Several instruction librarians were present, and Jeris and Triveni put together a quick survey. While only a few faculty responded, responses suggested faculty still not aware of library instruction as available service. Wireless hook-ups appear to be available now.

Meeting adjourned at about 11:45 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Mulcahy