Information Services Steering Group
Thursday, April 8, 2004
Douglass Library

Present: Stephanie Bartz, Jeris Cassel (recorder), Ron Jantz, Kevin Mulcahy, Ferris Olin, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, KarenWenk (Guest), Myoung Wilson (chair)

Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the February 12, 2004 minutes were approved.

Seamless Information Task Force Report
Revisions to the report were reviewed and discussed. The group accepted the report and endorsed the concept. There was discussion regarding the proposed position in terms of responsibilities, reporting line, and funding. The task force will make revisions noting that it is a trial position and that the individual in the position will report jointly to Access Services Head and NBISSG Chair over the next two years. The task force is to propose names of individuals within NBL for the position. Myoung will present the final report to Francoise.

Based on the total number of preparation and contact hours by adjunct instructors and relevant voucher expenditures during Fall 2003 and Spring 2004, as well the anticipated restrictions on the mobility of librarians across campuses due to road construction projects, a voucher allocation for adjunct instructors of $6,000 was proposed.

Team leaders are to consider shifting some voucher money allocation from reference assistants to instruction assistants. Team leaders should submit voucher requests with the following three divisions: reference desk staffing, teaching assistants, and project staffing. These should be submitted to Myoung by the next meeting.

Proposed changes to the instruction statistics were discussed. Deleting the “temporary librarian” category will alleviate confusion. All librarians will use the “librarian” category and will input their names. Three-credit independent study courses through schools/departments (e.g., SCILS) and handled by librarians should be included in the statistics form. Credit courses such as the three-credit McNair Scholars Program library research course should be a separate category.

Online Library Directory The PSC is pursuing planning and marketing strategies for library resources and services, including data review, online directories and virtual tours, and off-library sites services. Karen Wenk and Tricia Libutti were charged to pursue online directories and virtual tours. Karen reported that a 2002 survey revealed that one-half of ARL libraries have virtual tours. With this initiative and the expressed interest by team leaders in the recently developed Douglass online directory, Myoung is forming a committee to consider online directory versus virtual tour possibilities for NBL. Emphasis will be on what is most useful and practical for the individual user and enhancing user service. Team leaders will send someone from each building for the committee. Ron Jantz and Stephanie Bartz will be consultants. Myoung will collect materials and convene first meeting. Team leaders should send existing floor maps to Myoung.

Myoung will send the report from the second President’s student retreat to each team leader for review and consideration for user services.

A copy of the summary of the Science Libraries’ user survey, conducted in the context of the university initiative, was distributed.

Myoung, Jeris, and Karen Hartman will be looking into working with Rutgers College resident hall advisors groups.

PC Team mini-training sessions have gone RUL systemwide.

Myoung distributed a copy of ARL interlibrary loan/document delivery comparative statistics from 1991, 1996, and 2002 and will forward other PSC documents to team leaders.

Ask-a-Librarian is now web-based.

Marie Radford has joined the SCILS faculty and will be teaching reference.

Jeris gave a brief report on the March 12 reference symposium at Columbia University, “Reference Librarian: Technologist or Scholar?”

Stephanie distributed instruction statistics and reference statistics for 2003-2004 (as of April 6, 2004).

Pat distributed a brief summary of the safety and human services workshop held March 9 and a document on RUL ADA compliance distributed at the workshop by Brian Rose. Pat highlighted topics covered by speakers Brian Rose, Director of Compliance, Student Policy and Judicial Affairs, and Officer Alvin Hill of the Rutgers Police Department.

At the next meeting, Myoung will provide a review of accomplishments of the year. The May meeting is cancelled.

Thanks to Ferris for hosting the meeting at Douglass.