New Brunswick Libraries
Information Services Steering Group (ISSG)
Meeting June 9, 2005

Present: Stephanie Bartz, Kayo Denda (recorder), Tony Joachim (guest), Marty Kesselman, Ferris Olin, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, Eileen Stec, Myoung Wilson (convener)

  1. The minutes of the April 14, 2005 meeting were approved.

  2. The agenda was adopted

  3. New Business

Seamless information - Myoung

Searchable NBL instruction portal – Tony

4. Future of ISG/ISSG membership and meeting structure  M. Kesselman

5. Reports/Updates:

PSC:                Myoung distributed the documents from PSC meeting.

Unit reports:

Arrival of the new RUCS lab in the undergraduate reserve room.
Jim Niessen will be on sabbatical July –Dec 2005.
ALEX  ref  team will engage in ref. room space planning.

“Douglass Vision” building wide discussion took place in May. Discussion included assessment of Phase 1 and recommendations for Phases 2 and 3, which will be included in the Douglass Information Services Team Annual Report
D21 concept document review committee was formed: Ferris (chair), Jane Sloan, Kayo Denda, and John Shepard.

Fall Semester intern, Ingrid Greenfest (from Germany, SCILS student with PhD in chemistry) will fill in for some of Howard’s responsibilities during his sabbatical
New furniture, carpet, and new terminal with JAWS installed in the reference room.
Pat is the chair of the committee to discuss the repurposing of the Special Collections Room.

Branches             None

NBL Reference Collection:           New database: “Choice Online”

Instruction:            Theo Haynes is the incoming chair
                            Bobby Tipton, is the outgoing chair

PC:                  Completed the PC allocation. Hopes to eliminate all the Windows 95 machines.