New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
                                    December 18, 1998

                                    Present:   B. Beede, I. Caparros, J. Cassel, H. Dess, E. Fabiano (convener), R. Gardner,
                                                       E. Gilbert, R. Jantz, M. Kesselman, L. Langschied, J. Mardikian, J. Mi,
                                                       K. Mulcahy, F. Olin, N. Putnam (recorder), H. Rusak, J. Sloan, A. Tallau,
                                                       L. Vazquez, C. Wu


                                    1. Minutes of November 20 meeting approved as distributed.

                                    2. Director’s report – Toyama

                                         a.  Ryoko reviewed RU internal funding opportunities and the NB libraries connections,
                                              especially as regards ICI (Instructional Computing Initiative), student computing fee
                                              money.  Ryoko serves on the Advisory Committee to decide for NB how ICI funds
                                              will be distributed; is suggesting the NB Libraries proposal call for $50,000 for
                                              powerful PCs for public use and to support network printing ASAP. RFP has gone out
                                              but there is no seed money to support equipment to install networked printing.  Ryoko
                                              requested recommendations from public service librarians as to what is needed.  Some
                                              available ports still exist in NB, money for PCs didn’t.

                                              Students want PCs w/zip drives, fast modems, wired dorms, more plug-ins,
                                              enhancing EDEN, hub equipment replacement, etc., with the bulk of the money.

                                              Other available funds include ITFSC money for innovative instructional programs
                                              with emphasis on technology and Dialogue grants for Undergraduate Education.

                                         b.  Ryoko requested feedback regarding the feasibility of offering, again, the library
                                              instruction credit course for University College honors students.  Was it worthwhile
                                              for students, instructors?  Cost? Open to all honors students?  Kevin will facilitate a
                                              response from the faculty and the Instructional Group to Ryoko by early January to
                                              be  submitted to FAS and the NB Curriculum Program Committee; send all
                                              comments/ideas to Kevin please, ASAP.

                                    3. Proposal was made by Ben and accepted by the group to have minutes/notes of local

                                         NB librarians’ meetings posted on email to nb_libfac.  Ben will contact Sam MacDonald
                                         about putting these on a library website.

                                    4.  Report on December 16 Coordinating Committee meeting as regards the SACs –

                                         The proposal recommended by the NB faculty was not acceptable.  After much discussion
                                         by the Committee, a new reconfiguration was suggested: SACs to be removed from the
                                         by-laws becoming operational groups of the AULs; Planning and Coordinating Committees
                                         merged as a Coordinating Council (details to be worked out) to be advisory to the University
                                         Librarian, dealing with the big picture.  A subcommitteeBen Beede (Chair), Jeris Cassel,
                                         Theo Haynes, Bobbi Tipton, Marty Kesselman was appointed to recommend a final design.
                                         A diagram of how the above would be structured was offered by Marty.

                                         Highlights of the discussion included concern about the drawbacks in selective versus elected
                                         representation on the SACs and the role of the Directors in the process; unresponsiveness of
                                         AULs (brought out at the Coordinating Comm meeting) and  how operational issues would get

                                         resolved if that is the case; objectives of NB librarians not clearly explained to Camden and
                                         Newark librarians and the need to find lines of solidarity with our colleagues in Camden and
                                         Newark as well as New Brunswick; recommendation that we elect 2 people to attend all SAC

                                         meetings for better communication to faculty.

                                         The faculty endorsed the merger of the Planning and Coordinating Committees and
                                         recommended that SACs remain as is, for now.  The importance of sharing views and
                                         opinions with the University Librarian was stressed.

                                    5.  NB Information Services Group Organization Chart - Mardikian

                                         Jackie distributed the chart which describes the Functional Teams across NB libraries and
                                         Operational Teams for individual libraries; questions were answered.

                                    6.  Database Evaluation Team - Langschied

                                         The recent implementation of Vale, ProQuest, etc., has created confusion and numbers of
                                         questions at Reference Desks about information handling (especially) with these new
                                         The public is not informed on how to use these; more importantly, neither are the librarians on
                                         the front lines prepared to offer the expertise that is sought.

                                         Discussion followed-up an earlier email posted by Linda about this issue.  She recommended a

                                         Database Evaluation Team or Task Force be formed and charged with: 1) a thorough usability
                                         evaluation not only contents and cost evaluations, 2) a report on usability problems and
                                         the system should be purchased from a usability standpoint, and 3) developing accompanying
                                         documentation or user guide to offer along with the new database.

                                         Howard, Chair of NERS, the Networked Electronic Resources Subcommittee of the
                                         informed the group that NERS had just met and proposed a special task force to evaluate
                                         proposed database purchases to evaluate operability, ease of use, user friendliness, etc.
                                         Howard welcomed membership suggestions, other ideas regarding this issue.  Suggested
                                         at the meeting: student pre-testing trials of potential database acquisitions, documentation/
                                         workshops for public users, contact other institutions with that database experience, task force
                                         should be associated with the NB Collections Group, libraries Dialogues grant proposal to
                                         develop web-based training for users.

                                    7.  Announcements

                                         Draft NB Faculty Handbook  will be sent to NB heads of groups for review/suggestions then
                                         all NB faculty - Fabiano

                                         Interview schedule for World History and Humanities open positions:  January 13, 15, 21, 25
                                         and February 8 – Cassel

                                         NB libraries, SCC collaborated on a grant proposal with the Spanish and Portuguese
                                         for RU funding of and electronic instructional improvement project – Kesselman

                                         No one selected from interviewees for the SCC Information Technology Libn/Specialist
                                         a Librarian V position was offered to Delphine Kahanna (CETH) while the position is reviewed

                                         - Kesselman

                                         Information Technology Libn. position for LSM still under discussion.  Following some
                                         of these last two searches and the frustration experienced in developing acceptable APPs for
                                         Information Technology Librarians, this was suggested as an agenda item for the next faculty
                                         meeting - Wu

                                         Field experience program for SCILS students needs to be revisited now that we have
                                         also an agenda item for the next faculty meeting – Mardikian

                                         Reminder about the January 12 Web of Science demonstration in the TLH/SCC; selectors
                                         to register Rutgers for electronic access to any ejournals in our area a form will be forthcoming
                                         – Dess

                                         Lil Maman has retired from Douglass; Librarian V will be hired during the search process –

                                    NEXT MEETING:  January 15,  9:30am, Pane Room, Alexander Library