New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
May 13, 1999

Present:   B. Beede, E. Calhoun, I. Caparros, J. Cassel, H. Dess, E. Fabiano (convener) M. Gervits,
                   S. Hines, R. Jantz, M. Kesselman, J. Mardikian (recorder), J. Mi, K. Mulcahy, M. Page
                   (recorder), P. Piermatti, F. Puniello, N. Putnam, H. Rusak, T. Tate, F. Tehrani, R. Toyama,
                   R. Womack, C. Wu


1.  Minutes of the April 16 meeting approved; approval moved by Kevin, seconded 
     by  Myoung.

2.  Director's reports

Ryoko reported that prior approval by a Director or AUL is required before library
faculty agree to teach a course for an academic department.  Compensation is required
from the department and the established fee is $5,000 for SCILS and $6,000 for courses
offered by other departments.  Library faculty cannot teach more than one course in an
academic year.

Francoise reported that during the course of his internship, Lonnie Johnson has worked in
Access Services, at Kilmer, and will be at TSB through the summer.  Lonnie will begin a
rotation in collection development in the fall.  Francoise solicited suggestions for cd
activities/projects that would be appropriate. Traditional collection development work,
perhaps a special cd project in business or a data project were among the suggestions made.

3. Election procedures – E. Fabiano
To guide discussion, Emily distributed a chart listing leadership roles within the NB Libraries
faculty, options for replacements and the timeline for elections.  There was much discussion
about organizational nomenclature--standardize titles such as groups versus teams, leaders
versus chairs; what groups are responsible for electing new leaders; constitution of the
Information Services Group, but important decisions emerged.
DECISION:  New Brunswick Libraries faculty convener will now be a Chair since there are
                       responsibilities beyond just convening monthly meetings.

 DECISION:  Emily will post the responsibilities and qualifications for the Chair position, seek
                        nominations from the faculty and conduct an email election for a new Chair.
                        Term is for 2 years, July 1999 --June 2001.

 DECISION:  New Brunswick Collection Group (NBCG) coordinator will be a Chair. Howard
                        will conduct an email election for a new Chair. The three subgroups of the
                        NBCG --Social Science, Science and Arts & Humanities --will also elect new Chairs.
                        Terms are for 2 years, July 1999 --June 2001.

 DECISION:  Information Services Group will also be headed by a Chair. Jackie will coordinate the
                        nomination and election process for the Chair, via email.   All New Brunswick Libraries
                        faculty will participate in this process since we are all, by virtue of our roles in Information
                        Services, members of this Group.

The faculty endorsed the Information Services Steering Group’s plan to replace the IS team
(subgroup) leaders for the next 2 year term of service and to set up liaison roles to serve between
Information Services and other NB and RUL bodies. Ryoko has been asked to make appointments
to the RU Councils (former SACs) as soon as possible which will precede our New Brunswick
elections and RUL elections for the coming academic year.
4. Planning Group follow-up report – J. Cassel
Following up on a motion made at the last meeting, the Planning Group presented a generic
position description for Librarian Vs for Information Services in the New Brunswick Libraries,
recommendations for terms of service for Vs and recommendations for the role of the Planning
Group. Responses to the generic description ranged from not needed to a fair minimum for
that level which can be embellished/ expanded with specifics; allows for flexibility if there is
some standardization of the position. The recommendation to impose a cap of three annually
renewable contracts for any Librarian V position, was not acceptable.  This is considered
artificial and rigid and diminishes the flexibility of a position.  We have the opportunity to
participate in the assessment and evaluation of Librarian Vs.  Concern was raised about
maintaining Libn V positions too long rather than as a holding pattern while searching to fill
a tenured line.  Kevin suggested we continually analyze the percentage/ratio of Vs to tenured
faculty lines in New Brunswick, as a strategy, rather than imposing caps.

Currently, Librarian Vs hold approximately 20% of faculty lines in New Brunswick Libraries
although not all are annually renewable.  Librarian Vs can be promoted to Librarian IV at the
time of annual evaluations.

 DECISION:  Ryoko moved that we accept the generic job description for Librarian Vs, seconded
                        by Jackie. All agreed.

Recommendations about the composition of the NB Planning Group raised some questions
about the number of elected members, length of service and these recurring issues as regards
planning responsibilities of the Group: identifying positions while anticipating the immediate
future in New Brunswick Libraries, supporting building-based library planning, timely creation
of open position descriptions.

 DECISION:  By a vote of 6 --yes, 10 --no and 2 --abstentions, it was decided that there would
                        not be a New Brunswick Libraries Planning Group.

5. Filling vacant New Brunswick faculty positions – E. Fabiano

This will be a new section V added to the Faculty Handbook along with the RUL document
Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Created Faculty Positions. Question was raised about
the inclusion of materials on recruitment in the Handbook, since this is an administrative
process.  Faculty were asked to review the information for the new section and email Emily
with any suggestions.
6. Announcements
R. Jantz -  Common Knowledge Database (CKD) is really an electronic rolodex of hard to find
information; should not be restricted to NB. CKD Team recommended making this an RUL-wide
resource.  The database can be searched anywhere. Responsibility for the CKD will be folded
into WAC.

T. Tate – Reported on global outreach services. Have had a number of outside visitors to the
NB libraries.  One informal meeting of New Brunswick librarians was held to discuss library
outreach; another is planned.  A program on Globalization of Information was suggested at that
meeting as a possibility.

M. Wilson – The SCILS reception for new students will be held Tuesday, August 31 at 4:30 pm.
All librarians are encouraged to attend. We are introduced to the students and this is an opportunity
for connections with students who can assist in project work.

Reminder about posting of the minutes of New Brunswick Faculty Council’s meetings on the
Web. Council recently voted on an important resolution regarding the libraries (future) as well as
admissions and personnel issues.

N. Putnam – Funding successes:  Learning Links was funded $75,000 through the recent funds
made available by Joe Seneca’s office to encourage departments to use more technology for
teaching.  Libraries/SCC/Spanish & Portuguese Dept collaborating to use Web CT to produce
a course on the Web, digitize texts, link to other Web sites.  Equipment has also been included.
Ferris has received $75,000 SROA money to build a women’s archive on the Web.

May 21 there will be a downlink program in the SCC, sponsored by ARL and George
Washington Univ, on the implications of the Digital Copyright Law.

In spring 2000, through RUNet 2000, RU will have an academic cable television channel
available; dorms and other buildings will be wired.  Libraries should begin planning on how
to put content about libraries on cable TV; need some good ideas. Office of TV and Radio
can help with broadcast quality productions.

F. Puniello – Patio dedication, outside the atrium in Alexander, Friday, May 14. Landscaping
was made possible by the class of 1950.

 May 22 video drops will be installed at KAL, DSS, ALEX

F. Tehrani – Positions have been filled at DSS, Chang, Alex and Physics.  Now
interviewing for supervisors at Media, Annex.

The team concept is working well in Access Services.  Staff are rotating between NB libraries;
Annex, for example, was never closed when primary staff resigned.

M. Kesselman – The luncheons on each of the three campuses regarding scholarly communication
were successful.  Web site and list serve to continue dialogue were suggested as an outcome.
The Instructional Services Committee will prepare a presentation for the annual Undergraduate
Education program held in the fall.

E. Fabiano – VP Ray Caprio is coordinating all distance education efforts at RU. His office has
partnered with a commercial company to assist departments interested in bringing up an online
course. Good opportunity for the libraries to participate in the 2-3 year pilot project especially
with professional support available.