New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
June 18, 1999

Present:   J. Consoli, H. Dess, E. Fabiano (convener), M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, E. Gilbert,
                   S. Goodman, B. Hancock, S. Hines, R. Jantz, L. Langschied, K. Mulcahy, F. Olin,
                   N. Putnam, H. Rusak, J. Sloan, A. Tallau, T. Tate, L. Vazquez, M. Wilson, R. Womack,


1.  Minutes of the May 13, 1999 meeting were approved
     Motion to approve was made by Addie, seconded by Kevin after the following corrections were
     made: Under #2, Director's Report, last sentence should read, "Library faculty cannot teach more
     that one course in an academic year."  Under #4, phrase "for Information Services" is added
     following "description for Librarian Vs".

2.  Director's report
     Emily (for Ryoko) reminded the faculty of two recent positions assigned to exploratory groups--
     the World History position at Alexander and the position vacated by Jia Mi at Kilmer. Some
     discussion ensued on what is the exploratory group—providing the profile of responsibilities and
     qualifications for a vacant NB position to Ryoko—and our responsibility to react to position profiles.
     The groups' findings are reported to Ryoko then posted on email for our review and comments
      individually but can also be brought before the NB faculty if necessary.

     A suggestion to begin planning for future human resources evolved into cause for concern
     regarding the "maturity" of the NB faculty (64% at ranks of I and II) and the implication that
     Libn IIs are remaining in rank for too many years before attempting to move up in rank to Libn I.

3.  Closing one chapter opening the next
     The remainder of the meeting was devoted to reviewing activities and accomplishments for
     1998-99 (by current leadership) and focusing on future goals (incoming leadership) as a New
     Brunswick faculty and within the organizational group structure:  Information Services, Collections
     and Technology Groups.

    Each of the Group leaders is reporting on accomplishments and activities of their groups for last
    year, 1998-99,  via email; this is not repeated here in the minutes.

DECISION:  Most of the next NB faculty meeting, July 16, will be devoted to
                       brainstorming about information services in New Brunswick libraries.
                       Everyone working in Reference should attend.

4.  Announcements

Langschied --Once minutes are completed for each of the NB faculty meetings,
please forward an electronic copy for posting to the NB (formerly reorganization) site

 Olin – Thanked Jeris and Emily for their service as recent past conveners
  (Special refreshments reflected the occasion)

Mulcahy – RU has contracted with eCollege, a commercial company to assist in
designing and implementing online instructional programs and courses for the University's
distance education program now being coordinated through VP Caprio's office.  Courses will
be owned by RU causing a number of issues as regards royalties and real ownership by
faculty who teach the courses.

RUL, through Jeanne Boyle and members of the Instructional Services Committee, is
participating in this planning stage with eCollege and will probably link to electronic access
we already have for example, with remote sites like Western Monmouth.

Tate – The RUL Diversity Committee has received a prize from ALA for the
 internship program with Lonny Johnson.