New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
July 17, 1999

Attending: Kevin Mulcahy, Ryan Womack, Ferris Olin, Nancy Putnam, Jackie
                     Markdikian, RyokoToyama, Pat Piermatti, Susan Goodman, Howard Dess,
                     Adeline Tallau, Stan Nash, Martin Kesselman, Benjamin R. Beede,
                     Rebecca Gardner, Myoung C. Wilson, Brian Hancock, Ron Jantz,
                     Lourdes Vasquez, Nelson Chou, Linda Langschied, Joe Consoli,
                     Ellen Calhoun, Thelma Tate, Emily Fabiano, Mary Fetzer (Chair)


1. Approval of minutes, June 18 meeting. Approved with correction: Halina 
    Rusak was inadvertently left out of list of attendees.

2. Director's Report. Ryoko Toyama thanked those who had submitted 
     their annual reports, and encouraged the rest to do so as soon as possible. 
     She reminded the group that these reports are useful for FASIP applications.

 3. Meeting Dates/Locations(Mary Fetzer).

Scheduled meeting dates for the forthcoming semester are: 8/20, 9/17, 10/15,
11/19, 12/17. Discussion about where to hold the meetings ensued, with the
group voting to meet at Alexander unless otherwise notified.
4. Position Vacancies.
Kevin Mulcahy reported on the recent Librarian V searches: Stephanie Bartz
will move into an annually renewable Librarian V line at Alexander Library;
Emily Carey will become Librarian V at Kilmer Library. They were selected
from a pool of over a dozen candidates. Myoung Wilson reported that she will
chair the search committee for a History/Political Science position, which will
also cover Jewish Studies. Committee members are: Joe Consoli, Mary Fetzer,
Dennis Bathory (Pol. Sci.) and Paul Clemens (History).
5. Assessing/Refining NB Information Services.
5A. Year's Review (Myoung Wilson). Myoung thanked the team
leaders for their various accomplishments, particularly that of establishing
an organizational framework for NBIS activities. This framework will
continue to evolve in the coming year. She identified the Centralized
Telephone and Training Team activities as the two areas from last year
that require follow-up.

5B. NB Centralized Telephone Reference Service (Pat Piermatti).
Pat distributed a draft report of the NBCT Team progress, thanking the
Team (Ben Beede, Linda Langschied, Ilona Caparros, Emily Fabiano,
Lynn Mullen, Lisa Vecchioli) for their work over the past few years. The
service is not ready to go largely because of the problems in coordinating
technology meetings with RUCS-Telecomm and Lucent. The service
will rely on upgrading some libraries' telephone systems; LSM has just
installed voice mail, for example. However, the fundamental plan is in
place, with the central phone number of 732-932-LIBS service as the
gateway for all NB telephone information service, with appropriate
referrals made from that point on. The implementation timetable is
estimated to be Fall 2000. The service will be housed at the Alexander
Library, building on the already established Information Desk service there.

5C. NB Training Issues (Jackie Mardikian). As past chair of the NB
ISG, Jackie thanked steering group members who worked very well as a
team: Ferris Olin, Pat Piermatti, Ilona Caparros, Ron Jantz and Ji Mi. She
also thanked the team members of the Training Team for their
participation. She reported that the primary accomplishment of the
Training Team is the authoring of the Informational Services Training
Guide. Given the apparent lack of interest of librarians in serving on this
team, the availability of other sources of certain kinds of training (e.g.
RUL Human Resources), and the unlikely prospects for coordinating
actual training across NB, Jackie questioned whether the Training Team
should continue to exist. Emily Fabiano proposed that should be
standardized is WHAT training takes place, not WHEN/WHERE training
occurs. Ryoko Toyama postulated that time spent attempting to coordinate
may thwart achieving a fast route to results. Linda Langschied concurred
with both notions, and recommended that the small group of librarians
who are responsible for training should work together to efficiently
institute an appropriate training process for Information Services
personnel. This could occur building on the foundation document
(Training Guide) developed by the Training Team, but does not
necessitate the continuation of the Training Team. Ultimately, the group
decided to support this approach, and recommended dissolving the
Training Team. Ferris Olin added that the Training Guide should be
reviewed every year for needed revisions. Myoung will present the
possibility of reconstituting the NBIS Steering Team.

6. Goals (Myoung Wilson)
6A. Myoung first clarified the organizational structure of NB
Informational Services as:

Coordinating Team (current co-chairs Penny Page and Jeris Cassel)

Local operational liaisons are:

Alexander - Ilona Caparros
Douglass - Feris Olin
Kilmer - Jeris Cassel
Sci/Med - Scott Hines
Branches - Penny Page

Centralized Telephone Team (current chair: Pat Piermatti)

Technology Team (current chair: Marty Kesselman)


NB Collections: Ilona Caparros
NB Technology: Marty Kesselman
NB WAC: Ron Jantz
NB Instructional: Jeris Cassel

6B. Myoung distributed a list of proposed discussion topics for the coming year.
Many of the proposed topics were submitted by the Coordinating Team. Additionally,
the meeting attendees added items.

 The resulting list of items proposed for discussion are:

 Reference Statistics
 NBL Information Services Mission Statement
 Information Desk
 Information Services Model
 Quality, quantity & relationship of "Ask a Librarian" to on-site ref.
 Quality of ILL/RRS (to be referred to NBCDG)
 Remote user impact on e-mail & other technology, e.g. web services
Whom are we serving? - appropriate levels of service by user-type
 Core competencies for librarians & other information personnel
 Program development for NB undergraduates,grad students, faculty
 Timeliness of postings for Library hours of services
 Experimental approaches to reference, exp. through technology

The group, through nominative process, elected to concentrate on the Information
Services model. Myoung will solicit additional comments through e-mail and will call
a meeting of the Steering Committee to begin framing priorities/plans. Jackie
Mardikian recommended that these plans be viewed in light of those articulated in the
July 1998 NBIS report entitled "Proposed Changes for NB Information Services,"
approved by the NB Librarians. Discussion of NB Information Service issues should
be well-formulated, and Myoung anticipated focusing on some of these priority issues
on the agenda for the September 17 NBLF meeting.

The August 20 NBLF meeting may include a discussion of the position description for
the vacant position at Kilmer; a demo of the CKDB; and a demonstration of LINUS.

The meeting ended with applause for Mary Fetzer who, in her first meeting as NB
Faculty Coordinator, ran a cohesive meeting that ended on time.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda Langschied