New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting Minutes
Date: August 20, 1999

Stephanie Bartz (part-time), Ben Beede, Ilona Caparros, Emily Carey, Howard Dess, Emily Fabiano, Mary Fetzer (Chair), Rebecca Gardner, Maya Gervits, Ron Jantz (recorder), Linda Langschied, Jackie Mardikian, Leslie Murtha, Stanley Nash, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, Francoise Puniello, Halina Rusak, Addie Tallau, Lourdes Vazquez, Ryan Womack

Announcements: Emily Carey, a new librarian at Kilmer, has joined us.

1. Approval of minutes. The minutes for the July 16, 1999 meeting were approved as is.

2. Director's report. Francoise Puniello reported for R. Toyama.  The following are the major points:

? RUNet 2000 is expanding to accommodate an anticipated increase in load.
? The McDonald Seminar room (2nd floor - Alexander Library) will be ready in the Fall, 1999.
? The Annex report has been delivered to Marianne Gaunt.  Some recommendations have already been implemented.
? Voice mail will soon be implemented for Kilmer.  All major NB libraries will then have voice mail.

3. Information Services Group Report. (Penny Page).   Penny described the proposed reorganization for the NB Information Services Group. As a result of their assessment, it was proposed that the Coordinating Team not continue as a separate team since most of its members will now be on the Information Services Steering Group, but the Centralized Telephone Reference Team will continue.  There will be liaisons from the NB collection, technology, instruction, and the common knowledge database teams to the NBIS Steering Group. It was also proposed that, to eliminate confusion, the local operational liaisons be folded into the NBIS Steering Group. Finally, it was suggested that the three library associates (full-time reference support from Douglass, Kilmer, and LSM) will receive agendas and minutes from all Steering Group meetings and will be invited to attend any meetings of interest to them. To insure continuity during absences from vacations and conferences, the NBIS Group has also proposed two vice-chairs: Jeris Cassel and Penny Page. In summary, the structure and number of members is as follows:
Local Operational Liaisons      - 5
Team Leaders (Telephone reference)    - 1
Liaisons (collections, technology, instruction, CKDB) - 4
Library  Associates (by invitation)

Decision: The NB Library Faculty approved the NBIS Steering Group organization as described above.

4. Special Collection Budget Report (not on the agenda).  (Howard Dess).  Howard indicated that he had not received any news lately, but wanted to thank all who were involved in determining journal cancellations.  Mary Page is currently compiling the list of cancellation titles.  We will still have an opportunity to change this list up until about mid-September.

5. Kilmer Library Position. (Ryan Womack).  Ryan handed out the draft on the position and indicated that it was focused on instructional techniques, how users learn, and related technologies to be used in implementing training and courses.  He also indicated that there was an emphasis on undergraduates and that this position is not "building based".  The following is a summary of comments:

? The concept of leadership should be expanded.  This person must do more than bibliographic instruction.
? The above comment was seconded and it was suggested that a stronger role and title be used.  This is especially important since this person will be on a tenure track.
? What can you replace "leadership" with?
? There was much discussion about what words to use to make the writeup stronger.  "Expertise" and "innovation" were suggested.

Decision: The NB Library Faculty recommended that the Kilmer position description be amended to include the following as the first sentence: "Provide expertise, innovation, and leadership in the development and implementation of library instruction . . ."

Decision: The NB Library Faculty unanimously recommended that the exploratory group move ahead with the position description as amended.

6. CKDB Demonstration. (Ron Jantz).  Ron gave a short overview of the CKDB progress noting that there are about 580 records in the database and he also reviewed the types of information in the database.  Ron suggested that the CKDB offers a form of knowledge management in the library and one of the objectives is to have librarians identify useful resources and enter these into the database.  The database is currently available as a tool for NB librarians and information assistants. All records in the CKDB are being audited by the team and discussions are continuing to determine how this group should be merged with WAC.  The demo illustrated the variety and usefulness of information in the database including web links to items such as the RU copyright designated agent, congressional email, RUL sublocations and trivia such as the Rutgers song.

7. Linux Demonstration. (Brian Hancock).  Brian provided an overview of Linux by showing relevant web pages on the user interface and capabilities.  Linux is an operating system which can be run on desktops in lieu of W95 of W98.  A major benefit is that the operating system is free and does have a windows-like graphical user interface.  Some commercial software is available on Linux (e.g. Word Perfect), however MS-Office is not available.  Brian noted also that the operating system code can be modified and Linux is becoming very popular in industry for use in embedded systems.  Brian also discussed Harvest which is a free system that runs on Linux.  Harvest has the ability to go to websites that are specified in a configuration file, extract, and index the sites for searching.  There was considerable interest in this tool as an aid in developing research guides or keeping abreast of a particular subject field on the web.

8. New Brunswick Library Faculty Website. (Linda Langschied).  Linda reviewed the prototype website that she and Scott Hines have developed for NBLF.  She reviewed the structure and content of two candidate sites and proposed that we proceed with the one put together by Scott.  She indicated that the site would focus on decisions and tasks, but would also include minutes and other relevant information.  To make this possible, those who take NBLF minutes should clearly indicate the decisions that are made in faculty meetings.

Decision: There was unanimous support for Linda and Scott to continue their work as proposed above.

The next NB Library Faculty Meeting is on September 17, 1999.

Ron Jantz (recorder)