Subject: NBLF - Meeting Minutes
Date: February 18, 2000

Attendees: Ilona Caparros, Stephanie Bartz, Kevin Mulcahy, Ryan
Womack, Martin Kesselman, Brian Hancock, Linda Langschied (Acting Chair),
Farideh Tehrani, Lourdes Vazquez, Francois Puniello, Rebecca Gardner, Ryoko
Toyama, Penny Page, Ferris Olin, Joseph P. Consoli, Thelma H. Tate, Jackie
Mardikian, Ron Jantz, Connie Wu, Mary Page, Ellen Gilbert (minutes)

1. The Minutes of the meeting of 1/21/00 were approved.

2. Query: who should get draft minutes? Decision: Agreed that
draft minutes should be circulated to everyone in New Brunswick; final
version of minutes will be put on the NB website.

3. Director's report: Ryoko noted that this has been an
exceptionally good year, with a number of grant proposals submitted in just the first
half of the academic year. These include:

a. Title: Enhancing Information Literacy through web-based
technology in shaping a life instructional environment. PI's: Lisa Vecchioli &
Scott Hines; Prof. Katherine Birckmayer, Dir. Submitted to ACIC ($50,980).
b. Title: Women in Leadership-Oral History Multimedia Project.
PI's: Mary Hartman, Marianne Gaunt, Ruth Mandel. Submitted to SROA ($60,000).
c. Title: A Research Database for Scholarship on Gender and Women
and Douglass. PI: Ferris Olin; CoPI: Bonnie Smith, Director of the
Institute for Research on Women. Submitted to SROA ($80,000).
d. Title: Development of National Environmental indicators Center at
Rutgers. PI's Linda Langschied, Mark Robson, and Ron Jantz.
Submitted to SROA ($140,000).
e. Title: Library Service for Persons with Disabilities Grant. PI:
Francoise Puniello. Submitted to NJ State Library ($15,000).

4. Learning Links . Marty & Lourdes gave a very well-received demo
of their online Spanish language courseware project, developed in
collaboration with the department of Spanish and Portuguese.

5. Report of the User-Initiated Document Delivery Task Force
(handout distributed at meeting). Myoung reported that this task force,
which was appointed by Jeanne Boyle and includes university-wide
representation, examined various options for unmediated document delivery.
Available funding is $75,000. To date UnCover promises to best suit our
purposes. The Task Force recommends that this service not be available to
undergraduates, and limited use will be encouraged. A review of
existing journal subscriptions and reconsideration of recently cancelled journal
subscriptions is recommended to meet undergraduate needs. Myoung
noted that this service should be perceived as an "intermediate" arrangement in
an "evolving situation. It was agreed that CD funds and operations
would be most impacted by it.

6. Should there be "core collections" at Douglass and/or Kilmer?
Kevin led the discussion (begun at last week's NBCD Group meeting) on if - and
how, given constrained budgets - core print collections should be at the
undergraduate libraries. Greater reliance on ejournals is a
solution and, perhaps, providing a collection of ebooks. It was suggested that a
good definition of "core collection" is needed, as is an explanation of
"D21." It was agreed that this issue should go back to the NBCDG.

7. Alcohol Studies Database Demo. Penny Page and Ron Jantz gave a
well-received demo of this database, which picks up many multimedia
and nontraditional sources.

8. Old business: none.