New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
 Friday, September 15, 2000
 Alexander Library, Pane Room, 9:30 a.m.

Present:  Leslie Murtha, Jeris Cassel (recorder), Ryoko Toyama,  Ferris
Olin,  Addie Tallau, Emily Fabiano, Joe Consoli, Stephanie Bartz,
Lourdes Vazquez, Rebecca Gardner, Jackie Mardikian, Linda Langschied,
Pat Piermatti, Kevin Mulcahy, Tom Glynn, Mary Fetzer (Chair), Francoise
Puniello, Benjamin Beede, Myoung Wilson, Penny Page, Howard Dess, Ron
Jantz, Lonnie Johnson, Ellen Gilbert, Ryan Womack, Brian Hancock,
Margaret Wieszczek, Marty Kesselman

Approval of minutes
Minutes of July were approved without change.

Welcome was given to Tom Glynn (Alex), Lonnie Johnson (SCC), Karen Wenk
(LSM), and Margaret Wieszczek (Alex).  Kayo Denda, Women Studies
Librarian, will begin on October 2.

General Announcements
Fetzer noted that within the year, we have been reminded of the
fragility of life with the passing of  Stan Nash, Ilona Caparros, and
Halina Rusak.  The faculty observed  a few moments of silence in
remembrance of colleagues.   The wake and funeral services arrangements
for Halina on Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16 and
Arrangements for the memorial service for Ilona on September 27 in
Kirkpatrick Chapel were announced.  Joe Consoli announced that he will
be going to Florida to place flowers in the location of Ilona's ashes.

Marianne Gaunt will be attending the November NBLF meeting.  Several
agenda items and demos have been suggested for future meetings.

Report of Associate Director Francoise Puniello
The Kilmer Library roof is finished.  Due to rain and other factors, the
Douglass roof is taking longer to complete.  Work at LSM is to begin
soon, including the removal of the chillers located in the parking lot.
She will be meeting with the architects regarding more office space and
the HVAC system at the Annex.

Training for WindowEyes, sponsored with a grant from the State Library
is scheduled for October.   There will be four sessions in New Brunswick
on different days and different weeks.  The disabilities coordinators in
each building will be trained in the use of WindowEyes: Addie Tallau,
LSM; Thelma Tate, Alexander; Susan Peters, Douglass; and Emily Carey,

Report of Director Ryoko Toyama
In the September 12 Cabinet meeting, Marianne Gaunt encouraged library
faculty and staff to send individual thank-you letters to President
Lawrence regarding the additional funding of one million dollars ($100,
000 for permanent addition and the remaining for one time expenditure)
to the libraries.

There are three on-going searches:  Art Librarian (Joe Consoli, chair;
Ferris Olin, Tod Marder), Life Sciences Librarian (Rebecca Gardner,
chair; Howard Dess, Helen Hoffman, Jackie Mardikian); Digital Resources
Librarian for the Sciences (Howard Dess, chair; Ellen Calhoun, Ron
Jantz, Pat Piermatti).

The NBL Information Services Steering Group is serving as an exploratory
committee for three non-subject positions.  Joe Consoli, chair; Fernanda
Perrone, and Lourdes Vazquez are serving as the World History Librarian
Exploratory Committee.   The position description developed by Joe Consoli
was distributed and was suggested as a possible model to follow for future
descriptions.  Brief discussion ensued on whether the position should be advertised as an
extended search since it is the third time around for the position and
yet the position description has been changed.

Exploratory committees are to be appointed in October for the
Music/Performing Arts Librarian and for the Art and Humanities position
with special focus on Digital/Medial literacy.

A task force will be appointed in December for the Head, Collection
Services Librarian position vacated by Mary Page and for which Gracemary
Smulewitz is serving in an acting capacity.

All of the positions mentioned above are currently tenure track.  Some
are being filled by temporary librarians while others are being kept open.

Discussion of Kilmer Vision Document
Francoise Puniello led the discussion of the Kilmer vision document,
"Kilmer Library: A Collaborative Learning Center".  She distributed an
executive summary which began with the first paragraph on page three of
the document,  highlighting Kilmer as a laboratory for teaching and
learning and a collaboratory for faculty, staff, and students.
Puniello emphasized the collaboration with others (e.g., providing an
undergraduate drop-in center with the LRC) and enriching the environment
of Kilmer with seminar room/classroom, flexible spaces, collaborative
spaces, Internet café , and fee-based small business center.

Fetzer commented on the report being concrete and clear.  Questions and
comments ensued on the need for extra staff, who would run the food
service, fee-based service., and the need for the inclusion of a
research lab for instruction.   The inclusion of a statement on extra
staff in the document was demanded by the teaching faculty on the vision
committee.  They were concerned that the current quality of public
services not be diminished.  Their concern also resulted in the inclusion of the
maintenance of a traditional reference service center in the document.
The food service will not be operated by the libraries.  Several
commented on the need to think of wireless technology for Kilmer.
Concerns were expressed regarding the fee-based service to
corporations---fee-based operations do not make money, need to think
beyond serving just business community, and issues of licensing
agreements need to be investigated.
Further suggestions and recommendations included: collaborate with the
CIIT plans, look at the University of Michigan fee-based service, don't
use SCC IHLs as a model but rather Princeton's student center and new
music library, and don't start with old technology.  General concerns
were expressed, mainly of the document being building-based, the
duplication of technology centers, the need for adequate and equal
instructional facilities at all locations.
The vision document will be put on the NBL web.

Update of "Putting the User at the Center" Conference Planning
 Jeris Cassel announced that the majority of the individual LUAU surveys
were returned.  She thanked the faculty for returning the surveys
promptly and for filling in with comments.  The GAUGE survey has been
given to NBISSG. NBCG selected not to fill out as a group-only two have
been returned from individuals from the group.
GAUGE is to serve as a self-analysis instrument for the group and also
to help the conference planners to identify issues for the conference.
Other groups will also be given the GAUGE to fill out.

Call for Volunteers for the Art Library
Joe Consoli asked for volunteers to serve three-hour reference shifts
beginning November 1.  Reference service is to be available 10 a.m.-4
p.m. four days a week.

Other Announcements
Myoung Wilson asked that when the position descriptions for the three
non-subject positions are distributed that the faculty give comments
before the positions are advertised rather than after the fact.  NBISSG
is serving as the exploratory committee
(Myoung, chair; Jeris Cassel/Penny Page, vice-chairs; Ellen Gilbert; Pat
Piermatti; Ron Jantz; Marty Kesselman; and Lisa Vecchioli.

The general NB faculty meeting was adjourned.  Ryoko asked for the
tenured faculty to stay for a brief meeting.

Submitted by Jeris Cassel