New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
October 20, 2000

Present: Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Jeris Cassel, Linda Cifelli, JoeConsoli, Kayo Denda, Emily Fabiano, Mary Fetzer (Chair), Rebecca Gardner, Ellen Gilbert, Tom Glynn, Brian Hancock, Ron Jantz, Marty Kesselman, Linda Langschied, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Leslie Murtha, Ferris Olin, Penny Page, Pat Piermatti, Francoise Puniello, Jane Sloan, Addie Tallau, Thelma Tate, Farideh Tehrani, Ryoko Toyama, Margaret Wieszczek, Myoung Wilson, Ryan Womack

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the September 15, 2000 meeting were approved without change.


--2 new faculty members were welcomed: Kayo Denda, Women Studies Librarian (DGLSS), and Linda Cifelli (DGLSS).

--The Kilmer Library vision statement has been posted to the New Brunswick Libraries Web site.

--The Chair distributed copies of a basic organizational chart for the New Brunswick Libraries faculty. Several areas still need to be clarified. The reverse side of the handout lists "NBLF - Status of Open Lines & Search Committee Chairs."

--On behalf of the Search Committee, Ferris Olin distributed a list of the meetings and presentations scheduled for each of the candidates for APP143: Instruction and Outreach Librarian. Everyone was urged to attend the sessions and send feedback to Ferris as soon as possible. The Committee hopes to wrap up the search within a day or two of the final interview.

Associate Director’s Report – Francoise Puniello:

--The Annex Construction Committee is meeting every two weeks. The back bay construction is expected to be completed by September 2001. Space allotment and the accession system are under discussion. A phasing plan needs to be established.

--The Math Library is next on the list of libraries to be wired for RUNet 2000.

--WindowEyes training was held last week. The major limitation to the software is its inability to read image files (e.g. pdf). Coordinators will be meeting to create a "cheat sheet" and will train others in small groups. Francoise will forward a list of all the people who have been trained.

Director’s Report – Ryoko Toyama:

--Ryoko has been serving on four NB campus committees since 1997, and will continue to serve on two of them. The other two memberships have been distributed to NB librarians. The committees and current NBL members are:

1. NB Advisory Committee for Instructional Computing (distribution of student computing fees) – Linda Langschied

2. NB Academic Coordinating Council (academic policies, registration, new programs) – Ryoko Toyama

3. NB Computing Advisory Committee (oversees RUCS, discount PC purchases, etc.) – Ryoko Toyama

4. NB Instructional Technology Faculty Support Committee (innovative instructional environments, e.g. smart classrooms, closed circuit) – Jane Sloan

Report of the Exploratory Committee:

Myoung Wilson reported on behalf of the Exploratory Committee for the three non-subject specific faculty lines. Drafts of the three positions were distributed via email before the meeting.

In response to comments made via email with regard to the two instructional positions, the committee withdrew those two drafts. A more complete understanding of NB instructional requirements is needed before these positions are written. There was a short discussion. Additional comments should be emailed to committee members. New drafts will be distributed for a future meeting.

The Librarian V line was discussed at length. Concern was expressed that the description was not appropriate for a Librarian V level; either the description should be toned down, or the level should be raised. A motion was made that the position be changed to a tenure track Librarian III or IV line, dependent on qualifications. A vote (17 yes; 6 no; 1 abstention) was taken and the motion was carried.

"Putting the User at the Center" Conference Update:

Jeris Cassel reported on behalf of the committee. A list of discussion issues is being developed based on the surveys that were distributed. NBL faculty will be asked to form three-person teams to develop "idea drafts", each team to focus on a specific issue. The resulting papers will be distributed before the January 19 conference.

Travel Fund Report:

Joe Consoli reported that 21 requests totaling approximately $8300 have been filled to date. There is about $5000 left in the budget for the rest of this fiscal year. Quarterly reports on travel fund allocations are available from Arlene Minch. All requests for travel funds should be submitted as early as possible.

Old Business:


New Business:

Jane Sloan reported on the status of MDLS. All NB faculty are invited to attend meetings. Space is being rearranged to better promote support for staff/faculty; services (e.g. scanning, OCR) are currently only available by appointment.

Jane also reported on the status of the two library television channels. Both are listed as "coming soon" after being delayed by the Kilmer renovation and questions about broadcasting rights.

Mary Fetzer reported on behalf of Howard Dess – Bob Sewell has given NB its budget allocation. The Budget Advisory Group will be meeting to split the funds between disciplines.

Marianne Gaunt will be attending the November faculty meeting. Several agenda items are already set: discussion of the Training Report; demonstration of real-time reference sites; the video for incoming students. Please forward additional suggestions to Mary Fetzer.

Bel Jour Demonstration:

Ryan Womack demonstrated his "Business and Economics Locator for Journals at Rutgers."

The general NB faculty meeting was adjourned. Tenured faculty was asked to remain for a meeting on FASIP.


Stephanie Bartz, recorder