New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
November 17, 2000

Present: Bartz, Calhoun, Cassel, Cifelli, Denda,
Fabiano, Fetzer, R.Gardner, Gaunt, Gilbert, Glynn,
Hancock, Hines, Jantz, Kesselman, Langschied,
Maher, Mardikian, Mulcahy, Murtha, P.Page,
Piermatti, Puniello, Tallau, Tate, Tehrani,
Toyama, Vazquez, Wilson, Womack.

No announcements.

M. Gaunt discussed:
Knowledge New Jersey - a statewide campaign for
library support to $66 million, which is 1 percent
of the state budget for K-12 education : $10
million will go to VALE for infrastructure and
AUL for Library and Information Systems search - FP is chairing,
APP is almost ready; intend to actively recruit. Position expected to
seek external support, seek opportunities for partnerships via SROA
focusing on information technology.
Grants - Julia DiMeo will coordinate submissions of
proposals to all funding sources. RT asked that she write up
procedures and that librarians have
initial discussion with her at unit level.
New Jersey Coastal Communiversity -
Brookdale/Monmouth County will provide support
services; degrees will be from participating
institutions, question is how to allocate library
resources (infrastructure). Will ask for
librarian line if RU joins the venture.
Task Force on Creative Arts - for NB campus, will
include the Art Librarian.
Collections budget - sense that will be permanent
increase in dollars to support electronic
sources. Efforts to build endowments are
continuing. Phonothon still a significant source
of money for the libraries.
Investment in Learning - 10 recommendations are
published in the Agenda.

Directors Reports : RT will send email; FP no

Periodicals Consolidation Project : A.Tallau
working on LSM list of titles to create space;
B. Beede evaluating electronic journal lists
(starting with JSTOR) for RUL holdings. Goal is
one archival copy in paper and/or microform (both
if have it for now). AT is consulting selectors
for housing if there is more than one copy in NB,
usually will be ALEX or LSM. She's working mostly
with closed holdings.

NB Technology Team status - MK says see his
email. The group is dissolving. M.Fetzer will
distribute a new organizational chart of NB

Old Business - read "Who Moved My Cheese" to deal
with changes in the workplace.

New Business - none.

Real Time Reference Demo - basically chat services
for "live" online reference service, usually
restricted access and hours. Emily chatted with
Cornell; Ryan showed off the Human Clicks program;
and Marty explained the LSSI Virtual Reference
Desk, which is multiparty.

Meeting adjourned 12:05 pm.
Secretary per diem, Ellen Calhoun