New Brunswick Libraries Faculty

July 20, 2001
9:30 a.m. Pane Room, Alexander Library

Present: R. Womack, P. Libutti, H. Dess, R. Toyama, A. Tallau, C. Wu, H. Hoffman, R. Gardner, H.R. Perez-Gilbe, M. Wieszczek, L. Vazquez, S. Harrington, R. Jantz, K. Mulcahy, M. Fetzer (Chair), F. Puniello, S. Tama, J. Cassel, L. Murtha, B. Beede, J. Sloan, P. Piermatti, C.Wu, M. Wilson (Recorder).

1. Chair's Announcements---M. Fetzer

M. Fetzer thanked Ellen Gilbert for her willingness to reschedule her presentation on the Oxford Seminar as one of the RUL seminar series.

Welcomed new NB librarians. They are Scott Hines, Tricia Libutti and Stephanie Tama.

Congratulated Kevin Mulcahy on his election as in-coming Deputy Chair of the NBL.

Announced that she submitted her annual report and that, as in previous years, the NBL monthly faculty meetings will be held on every third Friday for the coming academic year.

Thanked those librarians who participated in the orientation of new librarians. Some sessions, particularly those that will be held outside NBL will be combined for July/August orientations.

2. The minutes of the May 18, 2001 were approved.

3. Director's Reports--R. Toyama, F. Puniello

R. Toyama reported that 25 annual reports were received to date and were acknowledged by email. Reminded librarians of the purpose of the annual report as a communication tool of our collective accomplishments. She noted that these reports help us frame future directions based on past accomplishments. Next week is the deadline for those who have not completed their annual reports yet. A copy of all annual reports will be available from four reference desks, one copy in the Director's office and one copy in the University Librarian's office.

A short discussion followed regarding pros and cons of making these annual reports available on the NBL web-site. Because of the personal nature of individual annual reports and the limited protection of privacy on the web, it was agreed that no annual reports will be posted on the Web and will be available as paper copies only.

F. Puniello reported the following:

This year's RUL/SCILS minority intern is Angel Falcon. Falcon earned his BA in Religion Studies from Yale and an MA in Divinity Studies at Harvard. He has worked as Government Documents Depository Assistant at Harvard College Libraries, among others. He will start with the LSM Access Services and will join the August orientation session for new NB librarians.

The Annex project has been signed off by the university. The summer closing of the Annex may have to be extended.

The D21 committee has been meeting and reviewed the first drawing of the architect. As part of D21 a pilot recon project (initially involving about 10,000 titles) is being planned involving the staff from TSB, Access and Collection Services. The ultimate goal is to establish a model and cost estimates for in-house recon for the RUL system.
Thanked Helen Hoffman, Addie Tallau, and Hector Perez-Gilbe for their active participation in reviewing science and serial titles in the Douglass Library collection. Howard Dess raised the question whether more selectors should be involved in reviewing the Douglass collection. R.Toyama noted that the decision regarding what constitutes the collection in Douglass Library is the task of the NBCG and not the D21 Program Committee.

4. Information Literacy Issues--Leslie Murtha, current chair of RUL Instructional Services Committee, distributed the following three documents as background material of her power-point presentation. Her presentation addressed national trends as well as local developments of the bibliographic instruction program and current efforts to teach information literacy. A short discussion followed addressing the implications of the report, Supporting Library Instruction for the Twenty First Century: Building the Technological Infrastructure for Information Literacy (RUL Instructional Services Committee, January, 2001) in the context of present and future instructional services at RUL.

· Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education (ACRL)
· ACRL Objectives for Information Literacy Instruction: A Model Statement for Academic Librarians (Approved by the ACRL Board Jan. 2001)
· Supporting Library Instruction for the Twenty-first Century: Building the Technological Infrastructure for Information Literacy (A proposal developed by the Instructional Services Committee, January 2001)

5. Status of Collections Budget -H. Dess

At the July 19th CDC meeting, R. Sewell presented a draft budget allocation formula that is far more advanced than in previous years. Although changes are expected, this head-start budget allocation process will help selector's planning. To sum up, the gross total for the system (based on last year's expenditure) is $6.54 million and the initial working budget for NBL is $2.78 million. However, many variables will be factored in before this figure gets finalized.

All orders from the state funds are shut off and there are at least five weeks of backlog. The Acquisitions Department is very short staffed this summer because of vacations and medical leaves.

6. Open hearing on the report Reinvest in Knowledge: Preservation of Library Materials in the RUL was tabled until further notice.

7. R. Jantz made a presentation highlighting a number of social science numeric data files available through the SCC Data Center; two of these are the World Resources Institute Database and the American Fact Finder for the Census 2000. He provided various caveats regarding the Census 2000 (it is still in the process of being released and certain demographic variables, particularly those relating to race, are not comparable with those from the 1990 Census). Mary noted that the data regarding the states of New Jersey, California and New York are traditionally arrive later than other states due to the size and complexities of these states. This is one of the reasons why certain 2000 Census data for New Jersey are not available yet.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 12:15pm.

Respectfully submitted by

Myoung C. Wilson
Secretary pro temp