New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting



October 19, 2001 9:30 a.m.

Pane Room, Alexander Library


Present:  S. Bartz, B. Beede, E. Calhoun, J. Cassel, J. Consoli, K. Denda, M. Fetzer (Chair), R. Gardner, T. Glynn, B. Hancock, S. Harrington, S. Hines, H. Hoffman, R. Jantz, M. Kesselman, T. Kuchi, P.Libutti, J. Mardikian, K. Mulcahy, L. Murtha, J. Niessen, F. Olin, P. Piermatti, F. Puniello, J. Sloan, A. Tallau, S. Tama, T. Tate, F. Tehrani (recorder), R. Toyama, L. Vazquez, M. Wilson, R. Womack, C. Wu.



I- The minutes of July 20, 2001 meeting were approved.


II- Chair's Announcements:  Mary Fetzer welcomed the new librarians Jim Niessen and Triveni Kuchi.  The revised NB Library Faculty Functional Group's chart was discussed briefly and a few minor corrections were suggested.


In response to concerns librarians voiced at the May NBLF meeting regarding use of public terminals, Francoise Puniello had been asked to follow up with Jeanne Boyle.  Boyle is willing to come to individual units to discuss perceived problems.  There are often complex legal and human rights issues involved.  Because security concerns have also been raised, Francoise will bring copies of existing security manuals to our next meeting.


Addie Tallau was leaving early to attend the University Senate meeting and announced that the subject of discussion at the Senate meeting will be the proposed College of Applied and Professional Studies.  She invited library faculty to attend the meeting of the whole’s discussion or check the Senate’s web page for the proposed structural plan and

contact her if there are any comments or questions.


III- Director’s Report:  Ryoko discussed appropriate use of the NBL website and the use of $100,000 of student computing fees the Libraries will receive per Dr. Seneca's

report of September.  She invited library faculty to start brainstorming on taking advantage of the opportunity to apply for additional funding and suggested coordinating the effort with the NB Information Services Group.


She also reminded the faculty to consult the New Brunswick Faculty list and make a special effort to contact the newly hired faculty to introduce yourself and welcome them.


Ryoko also discussed the idea of transporting special SCC lectures to Camden and Newark. Everyone supported this; she will follow up with Linda.


IV- Associate Director’s Report:  The President's memo regarding RUNet 2000 suggests that there will be 61 educational TV channels for viewing campus-wide and this includes the libraries. A lengthy discussion took place with regards to the locations of TV channels in the libraries, policies, and the selection of the channels available in the libraries. It was suggested that all recommendations and suggestions be forwarded

to Jane Sloan.


Francoise updated the group on D21 progress.  She also observed that space usage within Alexander will be looked at next fall.


The question of whether NBL faculty wanted a consciousness raising session on Reciprocal Borrowing Policy was raised. Myoung noted that there is information available on the web (Public Services Policy Memo #6 Cooperative Access Arrangements), which is regularly updated by the Public Service Council. She invited all new faculty and others to browse through them. She suggested adding the information to the orientation program.


V- Travel Committee Report:  Joe Consoli noted that the NBL Faculty Travel Policy is on the NBL web site. Be sure to use an original green form. If interested in details on policy, please check the web. He gave a short report of expenditures and reminded everyone to be careful when signing up for travel funds. As funds are locked in for your use, please make sure to notify the committee if you decide not to travel so as to not prevent others from the use of these funds.


VI- New Brunswick Libraries Reference Manual and Status:  Myoung announced that the manual is operational and on the NBL web site.  Some emergency procedures are included.  The manual is a sandwich document between local units and RUL.  She also encouraged local units to maintain their own manuals.


VII- Issues from the Councils.  No discussion issues were submitted.


VIII- Presentation on LUNA and brief demonstration: Demonstration of LUNA Imaging by Joe Consoli and Nancy Stowell was the highlight of the meeting. LUNA is mostly based on the Getty Art History Information program with large-scale automation projects and image technology research. LUNA can help plan and carry out complete projects, cancapture digital images from a diversity of film, print, and original source materials, and help to plan and carry out complete projects in an electronic environment. Cost is about $65,000 for access (of which $20,000 came from RUL) and $25,000 for  yearly maintenance.


VIII- Next meeting: The next scheduled faculty meeting is November 20th and coincides with RUL Faculty meeting.  As a result, NB Faculty meeting voted to change the NBL meeting time to 12:30 p.m. Ryoko will provide a box lunch.


IX- Recorder for next meeting/Adjournment (in reverse chronological order) Tate, Tama, Tallau… .  The meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am.


Recorded by Farideh Tehrani; amended  11/9/01 per comments received.