New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting

New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting

October 18, 2002


Present:  Stephanie Tama Bartels, Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun, Kayo Denda, Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Brian Hancock, Sara Harrington, Helen Hoffman, Martin Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Mei Ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Leslie Murtha, Jim Niessen, Penny Page, Hector Perez-Gilbe, Francoise Puniello, Sabine Rauchmann, Jane Sloan, Eileen Stec, Thelma Tate, Farideh Tehrani, Ryoko Toyama, Karen Wenk, Connie Wu


1.       Revised minutes of the Sept. NBL meeting were distributed and approved with the following change: the meeting date was corrected to 9/20.


2.       Announcements:  Mulcahy


Welcome to Sabine Rauchmann, visiting intern from Germany.


Additional items added to the agenda:  Report of the NB Faculty Council added here; announcements from NBL  faculty added as item 6A.


Report from the NB Faculty Council:  Niessen


Full report of the NBFC 9/20 meeting was distributed via email.  Highlights include:


·         Fred Kauffman from Pharmacy is the new chair.

·         VP Seneca attended and spoke about the Master Plan.  Consultants will attend the next meeting.

·         Marianne Gaunt led a discussion of the draft copyright policy and the NBFC recommendations.

·         Overall enrollment increased by 336; goal of stabilization has been achieved.

·         ERI affected 400 people at RU, including 100 faculty.  RU did not lose these lines and will be able to replace, but we will have to finance the incentives.

·         Capital campaign will reach its goal ($500 million) by end of academic year.

·         Discussion of Interim Report on a Survey of Advising Systems in the Undergraduate Colleges; RU investigating use of progress-monitoring software.


3.        Director’s Report: Toyama


Update on searches in progress: 


·         Music & Performing Arts Librarian – hired consultant (from Julliard) to help rewrite the APP.  Need to make this more attractive and emphasize our strengths, such as opportunities for research and professional activity.  Mulcahy will distribute draft revision to NBL faculty when completed.

·         Social Sciences Librarian – search committee in process of contacting references for finalists.


Toyama signed off on two grants from NBL faculty – a Dialogue Grant from Tama, Womack, Kuchi (PI), and Wenk, and another proposal from Stec (with editorial advice from Wilson in China).  Both were very good proposals.


Associate Director:  Puniello


Attended open hearings for students on the Master Plan.  They are very concerned about things such as dormitories and keeping the grease trucks.  Discussed with Seneca the possibility of getting state money for an addition to the Annex.  He suggested that Gaunt do a proposal.  Puniello will write the concept document and justification by December.


4.        Suggested Change to NBLF Travel Fund Money Guidelines & Procedures:  Mulcahy


Should librarians on sabbatical be allowed to use travel funds for research, conferences, etc.?  They are not eligible under present guidelines, which were established in 1997 after the reorganization of NBL.  However, there is no university policy to prevent this.  Since no motion emerged from the discussion, the policy remains as is.


5.        NBL Priorities for Donors: Mulcahy


We need to develop a list of needs and priorities which might be used when approached by actual or potential donors.  Some donors may have particular wishes on how their money should be spent, but others may be flexible and their resources could be directed to areas where we have great need.  Mulcahy identified three broad areas for donations – collections (acquisitions, preservation, and enhanced access), facilities and equipment (instruction and public services), and human resources (endowed positions, part-time support for projects).  He distributed a brief list of examples for such types of opportunities.  Toyama emphasized that we need to identify priorities based on enhancing our existing strengths or supporting new programs.  Mulcahy asked that the NBL groups discuss this, focusing on programmatic needs and thinking across all three areas discussed above, and bring their priorities to the November meeting.


6.       Mediavision – Status Report and Discussion:  Sloan


There is a new pilot project this semester from Media Services to allow instructors to cable cast media for their students outside of classroom time.  There are fourteen viewing times available per week (Mon.-Fri.), and instructors can schedule for specific dates and times.  Viewing locations are available on all New Brunswick campuses, and programs are currently shown on channels 19 and 20.  Sloan distributed a copy of the email notice that instructors receive when their media have been scheduled, along with a copy of the web pages that describe this new mediavision cable cast request service.  She began the project this semester by approaching instructors who had already scheduled classroom video materials.  Videos can be scheduled for both classroom use and cable cast, if we have the cable cast rights.  Sloan is pursuing the possibility with Sewell of setting up a central fund for purchase of cable cast rights, since these rights would be university-wide.  Some of the problems encountered thus far with this new service include lack of cable cast rights for requested media and lack of a posted media schedule on RUTV or our web pages.  RUTV has a rolling master schedule on one of its channels, but the vendor who does this needs 3 weeks lead time.  We will be splitting the library viewing channels so that one will show the schedule while the other shows the media, but this won’t be of use to anyone off-campus.  We could also post the schedule on the Media Services web pages.  Another problem concerns the use of the viewing rooms.  Fetzer suggested that we should be keeping some statistics on room usage.  Also, we should post the policy for room usage in the viewing rooms—films scheduled for RU courses take precedence over other uses. 


Sloan wants to promote this service to instructors who aren’t currently using classroom media.  She would like to work with selectors to program a week of media on particular topics (U.S. history, women’s studies, etc.).  Schedules for this special programming could be sent to the particular departments.  We also need to add more viewing times.


6A.  Announcements


Kesselman:  At a recent PSC meeting N. Borisovets demonstrated an AAL management package which would allow us to extract each day’s reference questions from the total daily pool so that libarians wouldn’t be overwhelmed with other questions.  It would also keep statistics.  This would hopefully encourage more librarians to volunteer for AAL.


Toyama:  When NBL reorganized in 1997 there was a problem with the administrative assistants having different job descriptions and ranges.  We have been working toward the goal of making all of these titles consistent.  They are now all on the same range and can provide backup for one another if needed.  The Administrative Team currently has two open positions. An offer has been accepted for an administrative assistant position (will begin Nov. 18); we had 125 applicants for this position.  The principal secretary position is still open.


7.        Adjournment (moved, seconded, approved). 


Mulcahy:  Tenured faculty should remain after the NBL meeting to elect two members to the team for post-tenure review.


Respectfully submitted,


Penny Page

Secretary du jour