New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
November 15, 2002

Present: Kayo Denda, Howard M. Dess, Mary Fetzer, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Brian Hancock, Ron Jantz, Martin Kesselman, Linda Langschied, Patricia O. Libutti, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Leslie Murtha, Jim Niessen, Penny Page, Patricia A. Piermatti (recorder), Francoise Puniello, Thelma Tate, Farideh Tehrani, Ryoko Toyama, Lourdes Vazquez, Myoung Chung Wilson, Ryan Womack

1. The agenda was distributed and approved.

2. The minutes of the October 18th NBL meeting were distributed and approved without changes.

3. Directors' Reports

Francoise Puniello reported that the Library Annex is ready to receive material. Some landscaping remains to be done.

Ryoko Toyama spoke about the exploratory committee she has appointed to investigate NB faculty lines. Ryoko will be distributing her report in much detail and will invite library faculty comments at that time. What follows is an overview for the minutes.

Committee members:
collection development: Howard M. Dess; access services: Farideh Tehrani;
information services: Myoung C. Wilson; SCC : Linda Langschied; Media: Jane Sloan; NBLF: Kevin Mulchahy; NBFAC: Francoise Puniello; resource persons: Marianne I. Gaunt and Samson Soong

The exploratory committee met for the first time on 11/13. Part of their charge is identifying talent and expertise needs for the next five years.

Underlying assumptions:
1) we will be in a hybrid collection world five years from now
2) all library faculty need to have digital library competencies
3) we need to be thinking out of the box
4) keep Vagelos report in mind.

To be discussed:
1) identifying future talent and expertise needs
2) is a position a faculty job
3) can we fill a position by retraining available personnel
4) need for flexibility in matching talent and evolving needs … 75% of service transactions performed in NB

Discussion areas identified:
1) preservation - including access, digital archives, recon and collections
2) reference and instruction
3) collection development
a) no designated selector for Jewish Studies or African Studies
b) do we hire/retrain someone for every new RU program?
c) Language studies … every research library cannot cover all languages
4) AV needs - multimedia, need for new information technology staff or retraining of available staff

We cannot fill all open positions with librarians. NBL needs to take this bottom up approach. We must identify what we really need.

There was some discussion. Marty Kesselman asked the rhetorical question: What is the best organization for NBL in order to move forward? NBL is the only RUL unit which has reorganized. Ryoko responded that she would like the focus to be upon NB faculty lines. Myoung C. Wilson commented that our structure is stuck in the 70s. Myoung said that the Coordinating Committee is appropriate body to discuss restructuring RUL. A few other comments followed.

4. Highlights of NB Faculty Council Meeting - J. Niessen

On October 28th, Jim Niessen sent an email summary of the October 25th NBFC meeting. The full minutes are posted on the NBFC website: .

Regarding discussion on the Vagelos report, NBFC said it welcomes the merger plan, but recognizes the need for adequate funding, and the need of addressing structural concerns (including libraries). Go to: for the NBFC response to the Vagelos report.

On November 15th, Jim will be attending a members only meeting of the NB Faculty Council. They will be continuing their Vagelos report discussion. Jim welcomes our comments.

5. Discussion of Funding Priorities - Mulcahy

"Draft List of Broad Collection Priorities" was distributed. This discussion is a continuation of the one at 10/18 NBLF meeting and also discussion held at NBCG. Listing is a draft and not in priority order. Kevin then read from the distributed draft.
Comments ensued.

Marty Kesselman recommended:

a) EndNotes for NBL
b) Wireless network @ SCC and
c) New computers for the Information Handling Labs
d) Virtual library outposts @ campus centers
e) D21 items …

Ryan Womack recommended:

a) special funding and staffing in order to make raw data more useable and accessible; Myoung Chung Wilson recommended:
a) we need to review collection development in information science and information technology; a multidisciplinary area which crosses boundaries with cognitive sciences, computer science, math … faculty research brings in very large NSF grants;

Ryoko Toyama recommended:

a) science monograph support
b) have listing of science monograph needs ready for potential donors;
Howard Dess recommended an annual rotating prioritized list. Marty Kesselman recommended that we annotate or science subject listing; annotations will help with matching subject(s) with donors. We could include special purchases with their dollar amounts. Ryoko wants our desperate needs identified.

Lourdes Vazquez recommended: Upgrading NBL facilities; i.e. Alexander Library - elevators, heating and A/C, painting …;

Leslie Murtha recommended: Staffing and collection issues … especially regarding the criminal justice collection. Increasing need for criminal justice information on NB campuses. Leslie also commented that instructional services librarians discussing priorities and will keep us updated.

Linda Langschied commented that the Criminal Justice department is reorganizing … evolving issue.

Howard Dess recommended: Our really big project - a new unified science library.

These friendly amendments were accepted. All are welcome to contact Kevin with any additional ideas.

6. Other

Kayo Denda informed the group of the new PhD program in Women Studies (as of fall 2002). Kayo recommended adding to our listing of subject priorities for funding. Ryoko Toyama and Myoung C. Wilson both commented on the need to educate departmental faculty about our funding needs.

7. Reports/Announcements

Kevin Mulcahy reported on NBISSG … NBL web page is out of date. Kevin will begin the updating process by asking Isaiah Beard, LSM PC Coordinator to handle coding/uploading of the revisions. Please send any revisions to Kevin.

Kevin then reported on upcoming interviews for APP 157 ( Social Sciences Librarian with focus on social work). Please do try to attend … we are in active recruitment and need a cross disciplinary review.

Kevin then gave a report on the Music Librarian Search Committee. A consultant has given a list of names and letters are being prepared for distribution.

Marty Kesselman reported on the Virtual Reference Desk Conference held in Chicago. Marty noted the following:
a) reference is a core service to libraries; b) multiple collaborations (types of library, region, subject); c) uniqueness of questions to a collection and implications for outsourcing; d) some database vendors providing reference services in the use of their products; e) short and long-term relationships with users at your school; impact of item "d". Lastly, Marty mentioned "technostress" - information overload. VR is a top priority at Public Services Council.

Linda Langschied spoke about the "Building Digital New Jersey: The Metadata Foundation" conference to be held at the SCC on Monday, 11/18. All are invited … there is room. We will be utilizing teleconference technology for Camden, Newark and IHL participants.

Jim Niessen briefly reported on his visit to the university library in Bucharest, Rumania. Ryoko Toyama reported that the NBL Administrative Team now has all positions filled. Please submit your requests in organized fashion. Mary Fetzer asked that tenured faculty remain for a short meeting.

Thelma Tate invited anyone interested in lunching (week of 11/18 to 11/22) with a Japanese university delegation to contact her. Kevin was asked to forward this information to the NBL listserv.

Jim Niessen invited everyone to attend a presentation by Dr. Manfredi M.A. La Manna on "Peer Review in Electronic and Print Journals and Competition in the Scholarly Marketplace." Sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences, New Brunswick Faculty Council, and the Rutgers University Libraries at 4 PM, Tuesday, November 19, 2002 @ Teleconference/Lecture Hall, SCC.

8. Adjournment - approved (10:55 AM)

Mulcahy: Tenured faculty should remain after the NBL meeting to discuss the reading committee matter.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia A. Piermatti
Secretary du jour