New Brunswick Libraries Faculty
December 19, 2003


Julia Zapcic gave an overview of the RU foundation and fundraising for collections. As advocates for the collections, she asked the library faculty for the following information:

1. A list of what we want/need and the cost. She wants to produce a brochure similar to one done by UIUC.

2. Our ideas for updating the "Support" page (

She also updated the faculty on procedures re: gifts-in-kind, and bookplates.

Report of Acting Director -- Francoise demonstrated the display panel that can be used by librarians for informational displays. See Laura Friday for availability. The President is having a traveling seminar through the state for new faculty from the last 3 years for May 24-28. Francoise will follow-up with Marianne as to nomination procedures for this. Francoise noted that it is the responsibility of all librarians to develop, maintain, and update research guides in their subject areas. Concern was raised about working at home. Francoise suggested that this should be done sparingly and when doing your librarianship work is more effective doing it offsite, e.g. ask a librarian live, etc. Francoise reported for Farideh that Douglass D21 Phase 1 will not open until Spring Break as there has been some slippage in the schedule.

Rebecca reported on the Coordinating Committee. General guidelines have been developed for library liaisons to discuss digital library initiatives with their departments. Lots of questions were raised on this and more clarification is needed given differing relationships of departments with digital initiatives. Rebecca also brought up discussion about a merger of the Planning Committee with the Coordinating Committee and a new membership of such a group. This will require further discussion.

Next meeting is January 16 at 10:45AM following coffee with next NBL Director candidate.

Respectfully submitted by Marty Kesselman, Secretary du jour with the appreciation of Karen Hartman for her assistance