New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
April 15, 2005


Attending: Kevin Mulcahy (chair), Jackie Mardikian, Eileen Stec (recorder), Ferris Olin, Jane Sloan, Mary Fetzer, Mei Ling Lo, Kayo Denda, Laura Mullen, Penny Page, Ryan Womack, Tom Glynn, Lawren Chester, Howard Dess, Jim Niessen, Francoise Puniello, Karen Hartman, Jeris Cassel, Ron Jantz, Martin Kesselman, Ying Zhang (guest), Rebecca Gardner.

Guest Ying Zhang was welcomed, and Lawren Chester (Kilmer) was introduced.

Agenda & Minutes
The agenda was approved. January minutes were not submitted; the February meeting was devoted completely to discussion of restructuring NBL and minutes were not recorded.

Director's report - F.Puniello
Travel rules have changed, so when applying for travel money as a committee chair or member, proof of the position must be submitted. The Library received less travel money this year, more librarians were traveling, and professional staff travel funds were increased. In addition, ACRL held its bi-annual conference this year, which also drew down funds.

Year-end funds are going primarily to LSM and new exhibit cases were ordered (the non-exploding type).

Global outreach initiatives—because gift book acceptance is creating severe space and handling problems, we should stop accepting books for the program. Instead, connect donors directly to the contacts listed on Mei Ling Lo’s web page.

Report of exploratory committee on open lines—J. Cassel
Instructional Technologist and Information Literacy Leader are on hold; the South Asian Studies Librarian position is evolving. Two positions previously distributed via email were discussed. NBL faculty supports the proposal for a Data Architecture Librarian. When approved, Ron Jantz is expected to move into the position. The Social Science Data Librarian position was discussed, along with related concerns. Points raised include:

A motion was made and seconded to accept the two positions. Further discussion continued on the Social Science Data Librarian position:

NBL Faculty structure—K. Mulcahy.

How do we decide NBLF priorities? Issues raised in discussion:

Brief updates:

  1. Strategic Plan: That Rutgers University Libraries (RUL) continue to seek consultation from the New Brunswick Faculty Council as RUL develops its new Strategic Plan.
  2. Digital Project Possibilities: That RUL and faculty consult with each other about the kinds of digital projects that are possible to increase the cost-effectiveness of scholarly communication, such as faculty-run e-journals using the RUL platform, digital dissertations, "self-archiving" (preprint/post prints), and datasets.
  3. Faculty Input in Setting Digital Project Priorities: That the faculty advise RUL on the priorities and sequence for the digital projects outlined in item 2. This input would occur through the RUL Advisory Committee and through campus-based library committees such as the NBFC Library Committee.
  4. Updating the RUL Scholarly Communication Web Site: That the RUL continue to update their “Scholarly Communication and You” web site and to inform faculty about relevant issues, policies, resources, and so forth.

    · These were approved along with the other 2 resolutions:
  5. Consultation on the RUL Scholarly Web Site: That the “Scholarly Communication and You” web site be developed by RUL in consultation with faculty input from the RUL Advisory Committee (see item 6 below) and from campus-based library committees, such as the NBFC Library Committee.
  6. The RUL Advisory Committee: That the RUL Advisory Committee continue to function as a “Standing Committee on Scholarly Communication,” as envisioned by last year’s NBFC resolution.